Would this be tacky??

  1. my friend loves one of my bags and i told her i was gonna sell it, she asked me for how much and i know she cant afford to buy it from me. her birthday is coming up would it be tacky to give her the bag?
  2. I think that that would be really nice of you actually.
  3. It would be totally sweet of you!!!
  4. I think it could be sweet, although I know some people have objections to accepting expensive gifts. I guess you know if she's one of those or not, but if not, the purse would make a very sweet and considerate gift:flowers:
  5. Not tacky at all. I'd cry tears of happiness of a friend did that for me. :love:
  6. Not tacky. Since you already know she loves it and she would buy it from you anyway if she had the money, I think it would make a great and generous gift.
  7. Not at all. I've thought of that idea. When I was going to sell on eBay and I'd barely get anything for it. Why not give it away to someone? I've given stuff to my mom and to friends. I havent' given a purse yet, because I love them all of mine...but that is a sweet gesture. She'll be thrilled!
  8. oh yea i give stuff to her i dont use all the time (small items) but i just dont want her to feel like i dont care enough to buy her a present but i paid 200 bucks for this lv bag on let trade and its only worth 100 now and the time and hassle of selling it is not really worth that small amount of money i would get for it.
  9. Thats very sweet. It would love it if someone did that to me, however

    But some ppl might get offended (ie: she knows u think she can;t afford it therefore you gifting it to her)

    Of course you know your friend the best, but there is always that mindset too!
  10. also i asked her if she would be offended if i gave her a used bag and she said no when we were looking at eBay the other day
  11. I think that would be really sweet, especially since she expressed interest. To counteract the tacky factor, which I really don't think is too prominent here, you could always include a cute card or get a cheap inside-joke type gift to put inside.
  12. Íts good to hear you covered your bases with that hehehe!

    What a good friend you are! She will love it!!
  13. I would recommend putting it in a nice gift bag and tissue paper (if the original packaging is not available), and add in some things from a store like Bath & Body Works (or something like that). The bag is a very sweet and generous gift, but I'd still add some other things in, you know what I mean? I'm not sure why, but I guess it'd somehow prevent others from thinking that it's tacky (although I, along with other people here, don't find it to be tacky at all). :heart:
  14. I think that is really nice not tacky at all! I've done that before (LV speedy 25) with a bag I never used cause it was to small and my friend uses it like everyday now, she was so excited. I filled it with bath stuff and a cute card though.
  15. I think what would be tacky if someone tries to pass something off as new & its not. You aren't doing that & she's Ok with a used bag so no, its not tacky. She's getting what she wants so eveyone wins!