would this be so wrong?

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  1. about 2 weeks ago i bought the hybrid bag from nm and have not used it yet. since the ecg is today, would it be unethical for me to return the bag from nm and get it at Saks instead? - that is if they even carry it at Saks. that is like $300 of the gift card that can go toward a pair of CL shoes........
    what should i do?
  2. Are you kidding, if you can get it at a better price - why not. It is no more unethical than Chanel's price increases every other month.....

    The only thing to think about is your relationship with your SA at NM....
  3. I would do it...
  4. Well.....GO TO Saks...right now!!!
  5. I wouldn't have a problem doing that, and I don't think it's unethical at all.
  6. go for it !!!!!
    Neimans hardly offers anything that compares to what saks gives as being a loyal shopper/customer
  7. I see nothing wrong with that. I'd do it.
  8. thanks ladies, i feel much better about it.....i am crossing my fingers that saks has it......
  9. i am doing the same thing... returning the flap bag i bought from bloomies and ordered it from saks. i wasn't happy with customer service from bloomies anyway, plus I am saving over $500 doing this so it is so worth it.
  10. Because the bag is still new and unused, I totally agree with the others. Hope you're able to find its twin at Saks today!
  11. i wouldn't hesitate to go to saks. chanel + a pair of CLs? what could be more perfect?
  12. You should absolutely do it. It's not often that we get rewarded for shopping so take advantage of the perks. And I know that EGC is going towards a pair of CLs - I am more excited about that than the new Chanel.
  13. am still waiting for the SA to call me back.......getting a bit anxious now.....
  14. i am soo sad, they did not have the hybrid bag in black.......just my luck
  15. i hate to tell you - but bec. it's EGC they probably did not check the system thoroughly. Why not buy another chanel for now - get the $300 and then after the EGC event is over, have a SAKS SA check the system again for the hybrid and just exchange. no love or EGC lost : )