Would this be so crazy of me???

  1. [FONT=&quot]Not sure if this is posted in correction section but here goes.

    I was suppose to go to Hawaii in August for vacation but my BF has decided he rather stay in Cal! Last time we went, he was not found of the double bag checks while trying to leave Hawaii.

    So instead I want to fly myself there and back hopefully in 1 day. Redeye there then take the an afternoon flight back to CAL. I am doing all of this just to buy something from LV to get on their list so I can ordered stuff once back in CAL.

    Am I crazy? I will totally do it just need some opinions. Thanks in advance.[/FONT]
  2. If you plan on ordering a lot of things then it could be worth it....
  3. Why not just call the store and ask if they will do a charge-send without having visited the store.
  4. i say go...but for a couple days :smile: if ur paying to fly out there might as well enjoy the beach for a day right?
  5. why don't you stay at least overnight? how long is the flight? would the savings on LV and the amount you would buy be enough to justify the trip?

  6. you have to have bought from their store's already before they will do this.

    I think there are some pretty big saving's but I think OP may be thinking for exclusive releases too like Sophie.

    OP I don't think your crazy I've been planning on going to Paris just for the day so what the hell go for it!
  7. hawaii won't let you. You have to have actually purchased from them before. trust me, I have tried.
  8. I was thinking of staying for 1-2 days but then changed my mind. I don't want to stay overnight myself. Its not so much saving money on items but for me its the ability to get LE items.

    I check on tickets, it would around $350.
  9. Is there ANY other way for you to get these LE items?