Would this be possible for £2000 ($3300)

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  1. Hi all!

    I'm wondering if it is possible to get a ring made similar to the tiffany soleste with a fancy yellow diamond (0.45-0.50) for around £2000 ($3300) or am I kidding myself.
    The tiffany soleste ring is way expensive and out of the current price range.

    So do you guys thing it will be at all possible? Iv emailed a few jewellers and waiting for them to get a quote back to me but I wanted all your opinions too :smile:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Diamonds by Lauren comes to mind straight away. I saw a stunning Soleste inspired ring they created for someone on Pricescope and honestly, it was one of the most amazing pieces I've ever seen.

    Price wise, I did a quick search and found this for $1800 http://www.diamondsbylauren.com/index.php/jewelry/loose-yellow-diamond-40ct-fancy-yellow-vvs2-cushion-cut-gia-lovely-shape-r5449

    I'm guessing the setting will be hand forged for you and would cost a bit more than $1500, but I'd contact David and see whether he could work with you within your budget.
  3. I doubt it. I'd contact DBL (as mentioned) but don't get your hopes up because the setting alone might crush that budget.
  4. Perhaps buying your own loose fancy yellow diamond from Leibish and Co. or Diamonds by Lauren and make a custom one? Perhaps ask the price at your local jewelers to give you an estimate on making the ring?
  5. Sad times, some of the jewellers got back to me said I would either have to go down on centre stone or go down to a single halo.

  6. Il wait to see if DBL say, if they have any alternative suggestions.
  7. That setting is going to be the majority of the budget. It's not just materials, it's labor intensive work, which costs a good deal. If you can swing the stone you like now, set it in a plain solitaire/have DBL keep it in the safe, and save for the setting?
  8. I haven't heard a lot of rumblings on fancies and increases.
  9. Yea that's the one I posted earlier. But I don't know if she is down with the inner halo being yellows.
  10. oh lol I was excited I found something close to her budget..oops!

    I would contact DBL and see if they can make it with all white pave...never hurts to ask!
  11. Well, I am glad actually that you posted that, bec if she DIDN't see that I posted it now she did!