Would This Be OK...Braccialetto Without Zipper Head...?

  1. Yah fumo has citta inside and I guess if it doesn't bother you that it's missing a zipper pull and it's a good price for you then I'd say go for it.

    The main thing is if the missing zipper pull isn't an issue for you personally :yes:
  2. IMO I would not get it, but if you really like it and the price fits...go for it. just factor in if you want to buy a qee or not :smile:
  3. Riri isn't going to replace that zipper for you. You might be able to buy a new zipper from them, but unless you have awesome sewing skills, I don't see that angle going anywhere useful.

    IMO a broken Braccialetto isn't worth even $20.
  4. I don't think it's just the zipper pull... I think the main compartment is actually missing the zipper zipper part :weird: I took off my zipper pulls on my braccialetto they get in the way
  5. I already have too many Qees (I have a signed Dalek!) so that isnt a problem. I dont think I would even use the zipper compartments, just use it as a bracelet, then the zipper head isnt needed? Are there two zipper compartments on these? Ive never owned one before
  6. yupp there's two compartments. It's handy if you just want to carry cash and fight the temptation of cards
  7. :wtf:Lucky!!!
    Qees don't come with this style anyway, though.
    If the zipper pull being gone doesn't bother you, I say go for it.
  8. Wel lI won it for AU$19.99, pretty happy. I dont have anything in the original Citta Print yet, only Citta Rosa. I cant wait to get this!
  9. congrats Yasha :biggrin:
  10. Well I got it today and NOT happy! There is writing on the inside of the good zipper with big black permanant marker, a number of sorts? Also the other size the zipped has ripped away from the side leaving a huge gape and white stuffinf falling out. I know I only paid $20 for this but I would NOT have bid on this had I known. Plus the seller didnt put enough postage on it and I had to pay more at the PO!
  11. I'm sorry. File a claim that the item was not as described, maybe? I'm not sure how all that stuff works, but the marker & extent of the damage wasn't mentioned right? :tdown:
  12. oh geez ... yah contact the seller and file a claim. eBay and sellers who don't disclose all info so totally suck sometimes :sad: