Would this be made?

  1. Hypothetically speaking...

    if Jean Paul Gaultier made this...would you buy it ? Or consider buying it?
    Thanks..I'm doing a Buyer's Demographic test...:amuse:

    FYI: There's 2 side pockets, and the Twist lock is for the outer pocket not the top of the bag...


  2. i would stick with the classic hermes designs =) but it looks great! i'm too poor to consider it tho hahaha.
  3. It looks interesting, it reminds me a bit of the Gucci Jackie O bag....Did you design it ?:flowers:
  4. I do think the design is a nice one. I am not a shoulder bag person and never have been. I do think the design would be well received though.
  5. Very nice, Khoi. Did you design it? I like that it's got one shoulder strap....I'm more of a handbag gal but when I DO buy a shoulder bag I tend to favor those with only one strap 'cause one strap of a double strap bag always drops on me....
  6. I like it - very creative!
  7. It is very nicely designed, has an equestrian flair. It would appeal to the Town & Country set, maybe late 20s and up. I would consider it.

    I prefer the locking flap go over both pockets, twist/lock the little pocket and leave the locking flap or tucked inside bag. With the padlock, a clochette would hang on the side.
  8. That's a beautiful design. I'd like to know more about the handle and its construction - it's hard to see from the drawing. Is it padded? It doesn't look rolled, but I do love rolled handles.

    Also, tell me more about the side pockets. I would LOVE to find a bag where I could slip a PDA such as the Treo 700 into an external pocket. I'd be sold right there.

    I'd like to see this in a toile or horsehair, with leather sides, bottom, top and handle.
  9. very cute!
  10. I like it. I prefer shoulder bags, so it's just my style.
  11. I really like this design, bravo...but, I think it is just a little too deep...perhaps if you bring the bottom up a bit? Just an idea....
  12. I think it could be a good design for Coach...what do you think?
  13. It's nice. I like the curves....it is a very good design! bravo.
  14. Love the look of this bag!