Would this be dumb?

  1. I just bought a Whiskey Ali and my husband's auntie bought me the Legacy Shoulder Bag in Black. They are both still new and with the tags on. I was thinking I might want the Shoulder Legacy in the Signature (Khaki/White). I'm not a Signature girl, but I really like that bag! I called Coach and they were sold out completely (of course!). Now I'm thinking about 2 things: Should I trade my Whiskey Ali for the Signature Khaki/White Ali? Or should I trade both bags for the same print in the Mandy? Would I so regret it? I'm not feelin'the black leather Shoulder Legacy I have (I originally wanted the White Leather but was afraid it would get dirty). I know I should be happy for what I already have but I feel like maybe 2 leather Legacy bags are overkill for me. Does anyone know if Coach will be getting more of the Khaki/White Legacy Shoulder bags in? I should have asked and probably will, but I'm asking in case anyone knows. Thanks!
  2. I would keep the Ali since you like it, but maybe exchange your black Shoulder Bag for the khaki/white one since that is what you really want! I'm sure you'll be able to find one.
    Good Luck!:smile:
  3. im not sure... i would listen to wut other people say... im not too helpful right now
  4. I say you get the Legacy shoulder bag in white leather, it's fabulous... even if it will be a little high maintanance. :yes:
  5. I had the Legacy Shoulder in White Leather in my hand and I decided against it and got the black. The SA said it could not be cleaned...that any marks could be rubbed out (like the others). Are the Legacy bags water and stain resistant? I should have gotten the White Leather one!!! Why did I talk myself out of it:s! I think it's sold out at my Coach now.
  6. I love the ALI
  7. Well, I can't give you any advice since I was just asking that same question to my friend while we were at Coach (long story, but I fell in love with the black sig Mandy and am trying to justify it...anywaaaaayyyyy....)

    The white shoulder bag that I looked at in the store just now was already dirty on the bottom and it did NOT look like the dirt would come off easily. I rubbed at it but I think the Legacy leather is just too soft or something and so the dirt gets worked in. On the whiskey bag, it adds to the vintage look of it but, unfortunately, on the white leather it just looks, well, grubby.

    As for the khaki/white, the SA at my store told me that there are more khaki Legacy bags coming with different trims...e.g. white, green, and maybe some others that she wasn't sure of. So you might have a chance to get a khaki/white one if you hold off for a while. She didn't say when they're coming, though.

    Good luck with your decision!!
  8. Thanks for your input Katie! I really want the white, but I would be really sad if something major happened to it. The SA at Coach told me the leather was raw or something so dirt will stick to it. As for the Mandy in Sig. White/Khaki, I instantly loved that bag when I saw it, but could not justify the price. Do you think you will get the Sig.Mandy? It's a great size. Maybe I'll just wait and see and hope more bags come in!
  9. Ack, I just don't know...I loved the Mandy as soon as I put it on. It's so big and slouchy but still nice-looking, and I love that it's black sig so I'd be able to do anything with it and not worry about wrecking it. But it's just SO expensive. I've made a few big splurges recently and so it would have to go on credit for awhile, which I'd really rather not do. I said to my friend today that if it were $300 cheaper, I'd buy it in a second. Hey, maybe I'll get one of the PCE invites!!!! That would take care of my problem :smile: .

    As for the white shoulder bag, it's so beautiful but I have a feeling that unless you really babied it, it wouldn't stay looking good for long. I know that for me, I like to be able to toss bags around without worrying about them getting grubby and I definitely wouldn't be able to do that with that one. Plus, I have a three-year-old and a big dog and so pretty much everything I own ends up with muddy little hands and paws all over it :p .

    Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Legacy stuff!
  10. Why can't the Signature Mandy be the same price as the Ali? I would have gotten in a second too! I also have a 3 year old and a husband who spills coffee and food everywhere:amuse:. I know I would be so sad if I ruined it! I'm thinking about switching out my Ali Whiskey for a Signature Ali...is that crazy? I really do like it, but it's so brown. I'm so undecided about my bags right now! I do know that I love the Legacy line and whatever I decide will be from that line :smile:
  11. Hey Alohagirl! Guess what? I decided to get the Mandy in black signature! They're transferring it from another store for me and I'll have it in a few days. I'm so excited. I decided to return the crimson stripe reversible tote that I bought a little while ago and also use a small store credit that I've got so that I can justify the expense. The stripe tote has just been sitting in its box, with the tags on it, since I got it. I only bought it in the first place because it was the last one they have and I love the crimson. I don't really like the tote itself, though, since it's not big enough for what I need, doesn't have enough pockets, and is open on the top. I decided that I love the Mandy way more and I'm so happy. I'll post pictures when I get it!

    Anyway, just thought I'd give you an update. Have you made any decisions on your bags? The signature Ali would definitely be lighter-weight than the whiskey Ali. But the whiskey is so gorgeous.
  12. Katie...can you tell I'm on here too much? Could I reply any faster to your post?;). I'm SO glad that you are getting your Mandy! I was at Coach today and seriously eyeing it...it's a beautiful bag, a definite keeper. I was crazy today and had my dh drive out of the City to the next town over and went there to return my bags. Yes, I returned both the Legacy Shoulder in Black and the Ali Whiskey and decided to get the Legacy satchel in Black and the Legacy Coin Purse Wallet in White. It came out to the exact amount and I did not need to add any money. I was really happy and walked around the mall with my son and husband at 1MPH because my son had to check out all the fountains. It gave me to much time to think and I started missing my Legacy Shoulder Bag. We ended up sitting in front of the Coach store during Lunch (by the big fountain of course as my son would not leave it without screaming:nuts: ) and I decided that I should return the Satchel, but keep the wallet. I was scared to go back in there but the guy was really nice and gave me my Shoulder bag back and 300.00 credit! Of course I now miss the Satchel and want to save up for it:graucho: ...I know I'm seriously crazy now. It would be easier if I could just afford what i wanted in the first place :smile: I'm glad you got the Mandy, I can't wait to see pics! Have a great weekend!
  13. You're going to miss the whiskey. It's such a versatile color, goes with anything and is timeless. I'm glad you kept the shoulder bag though.
  14. ***SIGH*** I know, I know. I miss every bag that I return. I'm thinking of the Satchel in Natural, Pond or Whiskey as my next bag. I think it was the Ali I was not found of. I'm glad I kept the shoulder bag too :smile: