would this be considered normal wear & tear? scarf print

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  1. I got this bag last spring and I know I've used it maybe a total of 30 days (never carried it more than a day here, day there, etc) MAYBE - I'm being generous with my guesstimate. I hardly use her b/c I know how fragile she is but her corners are worn and I know I haven't had it a year :crybaby: - should I take it in or will I just be SOL b/c it's normal wear and tear? I never would have purchased this bag if I paid attention to the fact that the corners would wear so quickly b/c they are so pointed:

    otherwise she looks pretty new (damn ink stain on this one side you can see, another thing I'm worried about, grr!!! where it came from, no idea)
  2. I'd say thats probably normal wear and tear for that material.. I have some of the scarf print and the corners seem a little stressed too. The fibers of that material are so fine, its almost fuzzy at the bent parts.. I can see how it could come undone over time...

    Also, alot of the auctions i see on ebay show pics of corners like yours... It seems to be common with that bag.

    It is my favorite print though!! And knowing the possible damage i could cause to a pretty bag like that, I still might be getting one soon anyways... i just love the colors of it.
  3. I would say it is normal wear/tear. ON your second pic though it looks like you have an ink spot or is it just the photo?
  4. yeah, ink spot.. I mentioned it in my original post *sigh*
  5. Ahh... sorry Renie, didn't mean to rub it in. I didn't see the comments between pics since I just scrolled down looking at the pics.
  6. I would say normal wear and tear as well. I have the Legacy Stripe Tote that is the same material and I noticed as well that the corners of it are doing the same thing.
  7. I agree normal wear and tear, and as for the ink spot, you might be able to get that out using Oxy Spray Away on a Q-tip and lightly rubbing and wiping till it's gone. It may take several attempts and be sure to not saturate it too much or it will spread the ink..and possibly bleed through the back side. I've had really great luck with this Oxy stuff, MUCH better than Tide pen... and it hasn't appeared to lift the color off any fabrics that I have tried it on. However, you might want to try a small test spot first. Also be careful about rubbing on that delicate fabric. Good luck!