Would this be a good starter Kooba - Java Paige

  1. It's a nice bag. As for price, it's reduced off retail. You might be able to do better, but don't know where. If you put NMFALL, or FIRST in the code when you check out, shipping will be free.
  2. I don't personally have a Paige but it is a nice bag and alot of people will attest to that. I can attest to the Java Leather which I have on a Jessie. Very nice color and nice leather. If you like big bags this one will be a great bag and I think it can go through all 4 seasons.
  3. Thanks - what do you think about the price?
  4. Decent markdown. If you are a risk taker you might find a Paige on eBay cheaper but the Java's are hard to come by. If this is the bag that tugs at your heart strings and you have to have it in Java, you'd better buy that Baby.
  5. I have a java Paige in the States, but I haven't managed to lay my hands on it yet. I have a Jessie in java and like Lexie, I can vouch for the java leather, it's wonderful. I bought my Paige off another tPF'er for (I think) $421 including shipping, so I'd say $484 isn't bad for a brand new Paige from a well known department store IF you love the bag.
  6. guess I waited too long - no longer in stock :sad:
  7. Oh I'm sorry, sometimes you have to grab these bags quickly because they're high demand items. Keep looking.