Would this be a good purse Christmas gift?


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Nov 8, 2005
I'm a bit clueless and hoping you guys can help. I know NOTHING about purses. I get mine at Target or Sears and rarely pay more than $20. (Some of you may need to be resuscitated now. LOL!) But my best friend is a shopaholic and has a distinct affinity for purses. And shoes, but that's probably for another forum. I want to do something really special for her for Christmas, so I started looking at some eBay items. She has said before that you have to be very careful about buying bags because there are so many knockoffs. I definitely don't want to get scammed. I have heard her mention the brand Fendi before (never heard of it before I met her, actually), but I don't think she actually owns a Fendi purse. I found this item on eBay:

Because of the higher price, I thought it was more likely to be the real deal. Some of the ones claim to be "new" but aren't in the price range she seemed to imply an "authentic Fendi" would be. I can't afford a new one for her (I guess I'm still a Target shopper at heart), but I think it would be fun to get her a true high-end bag. I don't think she would mind that it's been used. It still has the label, right? Can you purse lovers please tell me if this is worth pursuing? (pardon the pun) It's a lot of money, so I don't want to make a foolish purchase. She'd never let me live it down. Thanks for any input.
I dunno...why not try eluxury.com if your price line is around $600 you can grab a new bag already right? Plus there's still 4 days...

Eluxury is a sure thing...

Maybe we should page for chemlex?
Ya, I don't trust eBay that much especially when you're a starter. Better try eluxury.com or neimanmarcus.com and browse through their sales section since you're on a budget. Either way, I think your best friend will love you no matter what bag you buy for her. It's the thoughts that count right? Btw, do you want to be my best friend too? I need a nice bag too... :toung:
I agree with the other posts. You should probably check out some stores or other online sites to educate yourself first, if you decide on the eBay route. I've had only really wonderful eBay experiences, but you have to do your research.
Yes i am fishy about ebay period ......... would say if u cant afford the actually thing i would say get her a gift card to the store for at least half or what u can afford . she can go get the purse her self
Oh dear! :embarasse I certainly could not afford $600! That's just the "Buy It Now" price. I was looking at the $220 starting bid price. I couldn't go too much more than that. Thanks for the ideas for the other sites! Actually, I am an eBay fan. I've bought a lot on there, just not any purses. My husband actually bought his motorcycle on eBay! (He did want that badly enough to pay the "buy it now" price, but I never have used it myself.) I've had great eBay experiences, which is why I started my search there. But I'll keep pondering. Thanks!
^^^If you don't need it RIGHT NOW check out the Dior private sale :biggrin: Its coming up at the end of the month. Its not TOOO hard to get in. My friend and I went, she wasn't invited but went in before me and just said she wanted to see the private sale items and since she knew they just assumed she was invited :lol: Good deals there. Also, have you considered outlets? Fendi has an outlet and they do order by phone in case you don't live near one.

Check out that listing for MANY designer outlets that people just dont know are out there. I wish I were closer to it. Haven't purchased anything from there only because I like to see items in person, but if the bag you want is in stock and you've already checked it out @ another store, I say do it. I haven't been in that situation yet, but once I find a relatively old designer piece I am lusting after I will definitely give one of those #s a call :lol:

I'll let you guys know as soon as I can my private sale invite :biggrin:
^^^if you have a bag in mind just call them and they can send, or ask them what they have in store, shipping usually isn't expensive when dealing directly with boutiques. Elux is a rip off w/shipping!
problem is: so many outlet stores won't ship. If you do eBay, make sure it is someone that will return if found to not be authentic and look at the feedback. Best bet is to go with someone that does this full time and sell alot of bags without feedback issues.