Would this be a good first Balenciaga? Opinions please!

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  1. I've been wanting a Balenciaga first bag for over a year now - and I've been reading up here about leathers, years, colors etc....I've tried on several bag sizes, and the first is the size that definitely appeals to me.

    None of the first bags that are currently available at my Bal counter appeal to me (black, anthracite), so I've been looking at older bags.

    From what I've read here, 2005 leathers are supposed to be amazing - and the caramel color seems like a gorgeous neutral that would go with most of my outfits...

    So - I'd like your expert opinions please - is this a nice, well-kept bag - or do you see any potential flaws with it? (are the handles too dark? Will it need a lot of conditioning?) Pretty please help :ty: I've been offered this bag and I don't have much time to make my decision!


  2. It looks like it's in good condition for a 2005..looks a little dry to me, maybe just condition it?

  3. Thanks! I've read that 2005 leathers are really soft and chewy - if I get this bag, I hope I can get this looking that way :smile:
  4. Any other input please? I have to let the seller know soon.

  5. It's really tough to tell from those pictures.
    Are they shadows?

    If it is, in fact, stained/dirty - I would probably hold off and wait for one in better condition.

    Corey at Real Deal Collection almost always has some great oldies in stellar condition.

    I think this would be an awesome first BBag - however, I'd definitely ask the seller for more pictures before you commit to it.

    Hope this helps.
    Good luck to you.
  6. Thanks so much for your input - I can't quite tell if it's stained or not - in some pictures it doesn't seem like it :confused1:

    I do have some more pics - will add them below:

    Not sure if this shows the condition any better?





  7. Are you crazy about this colour?
    If so, get it.
    If not, get another one.

    It's quite simple. Don't get caught up in what year it's from. There are 05 bags with fantastic leather and 05 bags with less than fantastic leather. The same goes for most years/seasons.

    From these pictures, I think this bag looks quite used. You'll have no problem finding a bag in better condition imo.
  8. I agree with Livia.
    I think you could find a bag in much better condition.

    Good luck with your decision and please post pictures of whatever you wind up getting.

  9. If you're paying for almost the Retail price, I think you should buy something new. I agree w/ Livia too, don't get it just because it's from 05 & Chevre.
  10. If you really love her despite not in the best condition, I say get it. Nothing beats more than regrets later. And you won't just stop at getting one Bal only right?:smile:
  11. Ellapretty, have you checked back at the Bal counters? I was in Yorkdale yesterday and the fall colours are in so the selection was much better.

    As for this bag, as others have said you can't fully tell if the bag has discolourations or if those are shadows. Though this is a beautiful bag, I'd ask for more pictures (maybe taken outside) to be sure.
  12. Thanks so much...the more I look at it, the more used it looks to me...

    Yes...I think I'll keep looking...it just feels like I've been waiting for so LONG for the perfect bag to appear LOL!

    Yes - I think I'll get something new - or from RDC or HG bags, where the actual condition of the bag is clearly displayed.

    That's how I was feeling before...but I think I'd regret it more if I got this, and the same bag in better condition became available :smile:

    I think I'll go to Yorkdale and check them out again ...I've been calling the counters occasionally - but most of their stock seems to be in town and city models, not first...and I asked if they had any brown-ish colors coming in, and they said not for now..
  13. Don't get this bag, it looks very used, stained, dry and even a bit faded... I'm sure you can find a bag in a better condition that this one! Good luck!
  14. agree with the rest. it does look like it has been used a lot and fairly dry. opt for the new ones!