Would this be a faux-pas?

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  1. So I recently bought a Monogram Speedy 30 and I LOVE it! So now, naturally, I've been thinking about getting an LV wallet. I really like the Josephine wallet, but I'm having an inner battle on the pattern. Do you ladies (and gents) think that it's a faux-pas to get a different pattern than that of your bag? In my case I have a Monogram, so would it be a huge faux-pas to get a Damier Ebene or Azur wallet and/or any other accessory (cles, coin purse, etc)? I don't know why I'm so conflicted on this, but alas, here I am!

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. For years I used my white MC wallet with all my bags. I currently use an Emp leather long zippy wallet with my bags. I do like to have matching purses and wallets but I end up using 1.

    Just buy what you like :hbeat:
  3. I mix and match
    you can try mono and da if you like?
  4. I like to mix and match and have variety inside my bag.
  5. I do not think it's a mistake at all. First & foremost I think you should buy what you love.

    Personally, I do like to "coordinate" my wallet with my handbag. I think a Monogram Vernis wallet in a pretty "pop" of color would look fantastic with your Monogram Speedy. Same with Empreinte - pretty color to go with Mono Speedy.

    Sometimes I really do matchy matchy like a beautiful Monogram wallet of some sort to go with your Speedy.

    Have fun with it! No stressing here - just fun! :party:
  6. I mix it up. I'm not a matchy matchy kind if gal though. :smile:
  7. Not at all, I think it looks beautiful. I think the canvas prints compliment each other nicely, especially monogram and DE.
  8. I am more of a matchy/match kinda lady. I do like DA with mono, or DE either way. You are going to love the josephine. I am enjoying mine a ton.
    Good luck deciding, there are No rules.
  9. No. I kinda prefer DE SLG's
  10. I tend to match, but like many others have said, buy what you love!

    One problem with having multiple wallets is having to switch the contents among wallets. This, of course, is a blessing and not a hardship. However, if you tend to run late and or don't want to have to bother switching the contents, the fewer wallets the better.

    Here is a link to a thread that I have enjoyed:


    As I said, I have multiple matching wallets, but I love how other TPFers have mixed and matched. This thread contains a lot of inspiration!
  11. I've never seen an LV bag/wallet combo I didn't love! Get whatever speaks to you and enjoy!
  12. I love to mix and match. SLG's are a great way to add a pop of color into your bags.
  13. Mix it up!
  14. Another vote for mixing it up! Matching is perfectly fine but I personally like to mix up the prints and materials.
  15. Congrats on your Mono Speedy! I've been *mixing* my DA zippy compact wallet with all of my bags...Mono, DE, Mahina, Empreinte, etc. Like others have said, choose a wallet you love and it'll just make you smile everytime you open your bag!