Would they make me a Damier Speedy in a 40

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  1. Has anyone else ever special ordered a speedy? I just want the damier in a 40, think they'll do it????
  2. Call LV and ask directly if they will allow a customer order for a Damier Speedy 40. Let us know!
  3. Oh I hope they do! I would love! if they did, i would order it straight away
  4. I'm sure they would - I mean, LV approved SO speedies in damier long before they were premanent parts of their collection.
  5. Yes they will but not for the same price as the mono about 30% higher.
  6. Just an update - I was in the 5th Avenue store a few weeks ago and spoke with an SA. He placed the request with LV, and it came back that they would not be doing it.

    He said there are a variety of reasons why they say "no". Sometimes it is because a similar item will soon be released or maybe even the item itself will be released at some point.
  7. Hmmm...this is interesting... I really want a speedy 40 in damier ebene but I was told by a salesperson that they would not be issuing one soon...sigh!
  8. Louis is so strange these days...