Would they fix this?

  1. So I searched older threads before posting this, but didn't find any info - maybe someone here might have some insight.

    I have the shearling gallery tote from last winter, but some of the fur around the front pockets has worn off (must be from rubbing b/c I had another purse - not Coach - w/fur on the outside and the same thing happened). I've been thinking that since it's more of a cosmetic issue rather than a defect or damage (the leather is fine), Coach wouldn't do anything about it. But I just sent my embossed tote for "repair" even though it was only a spot on the leather of the purse (and the SAs at the store I took it to made that decision, so apparently that is a covered "repair" under their policy), so I'm wondering if they just might fix the shearling one. If it's a no, it's not a huge deal - the bag is still cute and it's not so bad that it can't be worn, it just makes me a little crazy. Any thoughts on whether or not they'll fix it?
  2. It never hurts to ask. Coach has a live help link on their website, I think.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion allison - I sent them an email via their website, so I'll let you know what I find out!
  4. Here is Coach's response - looks like I'll have to bring it in to a store. However, judging by the "normal wear" comment, I have a feeling this would not be covered. Oh well, that's what I've been thinking anyway.

    We are sorry to learn you are having a problem with your COACH
    item. It is our policy to stand behind our goods against
    manufacturing defects for the natural life of our merchandise,
    excluding normal wear.

    Please take your item to your nearest COACH store for evaluation
    or you may mail it directly to the Repair Department referenced
    in the link below:


    There is a $20 shipping & handling charge per item that covers
    evaluation and processing, return packaging and shipping
    expenses. We offer repairs, when possible, on items such as
    bindings, zippers and hardware. Unfortunately, we do not offer a
    cleaning or refurbishing service.

    If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to
    contact us.


    COACH Online Consumer Service
  5. Unfortunately my gut feel would be that this falls into "normal wear" but it doesn't hurt to try!
  6. I agree with you shelbell, but I'll let you know if I hear differently!
  7. Honestly if fur is coming off and you want to send it in, you most likely would not get it back :/
  8. Sprinkles - I'm not sure what you mean Do you mean that they wouldn't be able to repair it, in which case, shouldn't they return it to me since it's my bag? Or do you mean that since they can't repair it, they'd keep it and send a voucher/coupon or something?
  9. Sorry! I should have explained better.

    They most likely wouldn't be able to repair it, you would get a store credit/40% or something. You could request to get your bag back, but you will forfeit the credit.
  10. Thanks so much for your opinion (and explanation - sorry if I was being dense). I'll have to take it into a store and hear what they say.
  11. Ok, I called Coach. The rep I spoke to said to bring it into a store and since what I described was more than just normal wear and tear (in one spot on the pocket, there's no fur), it should be covered by the guarantee!
  12. A friend of mine recently bought one of the calf hair bags and within a few weeks the hair was falling out in the places where it rubbed against her clothing. Granted, she'd only had it a few weeks, but she was worried they'd call it wear and tear. She took it into the store and they gave her a full credit on the spot, which she used to buy a Legacy book tote. Obviously you've had your bag longer than a few weeks, but I think Coach will probably make an effort to repair or replace the bag for you since I don't think they anticipate hair/fur falling off during normal use.
  13. Thanks for the info Kezza! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll repair/replace it!
  14. A bit of an update. I took the bag to the store today and they are shipping it out, with the general consensus that it probably is not repairable, but should be covered under the guarantee b/c the fur loss is excessive in spots. I did ask if sending it back was the only option and they said yes b/c "they're" (I assume the repair center) not accepting the SA's evaluation that an item is non-repairable (which may also explain why, with my book tote, they had to go through the repair center and couldn't just do a return and credit/order new one).

    The SA also said that if they couldn't repair it, they would send it back to me, but give me some type of voucher/discount on a future purchase.

    Considering that I was thinking nothing could be done about this, I'm pretty pleased. Of course, right now I have 4-6 weeks to wait to actually see what the outcome is (for both my bags), so I'll let you know if I'm still a happy camper with the process at that point!

    What I will say is that right now, I am very impressed with Coach's policy. I don't know of many companies that honor their "lifetime gaurantee" without giving you a major hassle or finding some loophole to explain why your situation doesn't apply to it. This bag is almost a year old and has been worn, so I truly was expecting the 'ol, "normal wear and tear" argument to be made. Instead, they gave me no hassle and one SA even said that a lot of people have had issues with the bags w/fur on them, so it seems like Coach is willing to stand by the terms of their policy.
  15. Glad it worked out to your satisfaction. Coach is pretty unique in the way that they stand by their products, I'm glad that they haven't abandoned that ethic even while they've cut some corners in terms of material quality.