Would there be a chance I buy at the pre-Feb increase price now?

  1. I bought the 225 dark silver reissue, well more than 2 weeks ago, & I didn't pay with my CC, (some probems with the Cdn CC), but my BIL paid with his US CC...Well anyway, he just e-mailed me that he see US$2020 on his CC statement online, not US$2175 as we expected!!! He will double check the receipt & the price tag again tonight.

    I'm really really excited if I got the pre-increase price of US$1995 (plus US$25 shipping), but not the current price of US$2150 (plus US$25 shipping) :sweatdrop: But how can this happen if it's true they charged me the old price? Would it be my 225 DS from previous season? I'm waiting for my BIL to call me back. I can't wait!

    BTW, I will reveice my bag next week or so. Now, I don't mind the wait at all :upsidedown:
  2. Its possible the tag wasnt changed. Lucky you!
  3. Just did some research on 225 price..I found someone bought it US$1995 in May. So it's probably not the Feb price...But when did the reissue price increase then? Was mine still under the Fall07 or the Cruise07 or even earlier? When did dark silver first come out? What's the different actually???

    Now, I'm guessing someone probably return this bag (I knew when I call in late July, the SA told me the lady who reserved the 225 DS decided to take another bag instead) So, assuming 14-day return, the bag could be first bought in mid-July. Was that the case having an old price tag? It's really hard to buy via phone, but not in person. I'm still waiting for the confirmation for the US$2020 price...:whistle:
  4. :party::party:

    Ok, my bag was really with the US$1995 tag !!! & was purchased on July 28/07.

    Label with A30225Y04373
    Classic Bag with Flap /DK Silver
    07A Sac

    Yeah! I'm so happy now!!! What a surpirse II It's my best birthday gift & a memorable one!!!:yahoo:
  5. congrats!!!!!!!! I'd love to find preincrease tags on my bags!
  6. You are right, Luccibag, I'm very lucky with this bag. It seems that it meant to be mine. First, I didn't waitlist for it. Second, I just called the boutique the very first time & then I got the bag. I didn't even check the store hours before I call as here's 4 hours ahead. Last, obviously I got this with the pre-increase price tag. I won't let it go, EVER! :wlae:

    & sheanabelle, you could be as lucky as me. Just check out the store. I actually passed another pre-increase price tag before I bought the 225. It's a large classic flap w/silver chain but comes with a seasonal color, much darker beige. & that price tag was even less than what we can get for a medium flap now! ;)
  7. Oooh, congrats!! gorgeous 225 DS, can we see some modelling pics, we don't get to see a lot of 225 here...TIA.

  8. I will IceEarl, the very first thing once I receive the package next week, alright?! ;)

    BTW, have you got your 227 Black matellic yet?
  9. omg that's so great!!! I'm surprised you could still find a 225...which dept. store/ botique did you purchase it from? TIA :smile:
  10. I would like to thank mylilsnowy as well. If she didn't mention in my earlier thread that Chanel SF has ordered the 225 size, I won't call up the store & ask for this bag. You know, not many stores carry this size at all. Thanks everyone from TPF. You all make my dream comes true!

  11. I'm not sure if Chanel SF still has more 225 or not, but you can try.

    But also you can try Chanel Tyson's Corner, VA, shmoo88 mentioned in my earlier thread that this store had 225 as well. I didn't pick this store as I tried to avoid sales tax. :p