Would the Zoe Make a Good Cosmetic Case?

  1. I remember a pic somewhere here of a gal using her Zoe as a cosmetic case, I was wondering if it's a good size for that because I bought the Legacy Stripe Wristlet to be a cosmetic case only to find that it's WAY too small to hold more then a few lip glosses... I'm being offered a Second Chance offer on it on eBay and I just want to make triple sure it's a good size before I say yes! thanks!
  2. I think Zoe is way to nice to use as a cosmetic case.:shrugs:
  3. Well I know, but it's so cute I need an excuse to buy it and when I'm not using it as an actual clutch I kinda wanna give it a job to do on the side. ;)
  4. buy it to use it for a night out or a nice event...dont just put makeup in it! besides, its not big enough to be a makeup case IMO.
  5. Hahaha I know I know, I should get it just because it's sooo cute!
  6. I actually just got the ZOE in the mail today (part of my PCE order). It is gorgeous (I got the Lurex) and it fits my cell phone, cigs, lighter and gum (for size reference) but that's about it.
  7. Yep, that was me. It fits a lot but I haven't used it as one yet because it's kind of large & awkward in my bags. I think it will be great in my ergo tote once I get it though.

    Here are pics.

  8. I think this is a good size for the clutch-
  9. Not big enough as a make-up case for me and I'd use it for special occasions only or just strictly as a clutch.
  10. Well I just bouht a gold stripe large cosmetic cause but now I worry it's going to be too large for my ali. But the gold stripe is soo pretty!
  11. I saw the Lurex and the Red/Pink Zoes at the Sawgrass Mills outlet on Clearance!!! The leather one was $199 plus 20% off, and I didn't see what the lurex was going for - but I bet it was a lot less than the leather. That price kinda helps to justify it as a cosmetics case.....gulp.
  12. That sounds like a better choice IMO. :yes: As long as you're happy with your purchase and it's functional - that's all that matters! Congrats!
  13. Lurex Zoes? Where is this Sawgrass Mill outlet? Probably nowhere near me, hah!!
  14. Florida. They had about a dozen of them last night.
  15. :crybaby:I'm in PA. It's okay. I will have to look out for them on eBay. Thanks for letting me know though!