Would the Trévi GM be good to....?

  1. ...use as a schoolbag?
    I need it to fit a couple of books and a laptop - and also to be able to bike with it...
    Do you think this will be a good bag for that use?

    I really like it! It's so pretty!

    I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get the Amarante agenda just before Xmas :nuts: I'm in LVOE! :graucho:
  2. I dont now how good of a school bag the Trévi GM would be.
    I think something like a Cabas Mezzo would be better.
  3. I saw it today at the store, and I think it isn't a good school bag. It's a really nice bag for weekends/overnights. I would have a look at the Saleya!
  4. Thats kinda sad!

    I have looked at those bags, but I wont be able to bike with them. :o(
  5. the opening doesn't go wide enough im afraid. the Denim Neo Cabby GM might be better.
  6. No it wont at all because the opening is real stiff, it doesnt open wide at all. Even though it has a bigger bottom the top is narrow.

    I had a hard time fitting all my stuff in the smaller size Trevi. The shape is to die for but its to small for me.
  7. Thank U so much!!
    I never really like the denim collection but I actually like the Neo Cabby GM.
    I think I might better go to the store Wednesday next and have a look!
  8. I think that is a very large school bag...
  9. Yes, I wouldn't like it for school.
  10. get a LVOE 2 tote in GM or MM- both priced well below the Cabby or Trevi- super functional totes! Even Neverfull GM too
  11. No, the Trevi won't be good as a schoolbag. I tried that before at LV when this bag first came out. Its opening is too narrow. If you want your regular-sized notebook (A4) to fit into the bag, you will need to fold your notebook into half and forget about a laptop, it is impossible (unless you have a very tiny one that is a size of a medium agenda). A PM/MM Selaya or a GM Neo Cabby will be more practical if you want to use it for school.
  12. you might want to use the Manosque gm as a bookbag i do and i love it. fits everything still fashion freindly and has easy access. but then again its alot to spend on a schoolbag(i only use it because my mom retired it after getting her nolita) so a salaya may be a bit better for that purpose.
  13. I think the shape and the size isn't really suitable for your needs, yes, it's a big bag, but only big for a purse. I agree with other suggestions, the Mezzo would be a good idea, the Manosque GM is great, and the Uzes and the Chelsea are some of my suggestions.
  14. I would have to disagree w/ the neo cabby suggestion. I have that bag but it seems more delicate. Not sure it would be study enough to carry books & laptop. I suggest the messo!