Would the striped beauty case fit in the Ali?

  1. Returned my leather sig hobo for the Ali and it arrives on Monday - the woman at the counter next to me was buying the same bag and I wanted to hit her as she got to take hers home (she bought the floor model) and I had to wait. :smile:

    Since the store no longer had the floor model for me to look at...can anyone who's gotten to spend some more time with my soon-to-be new bag tell me if you think the new striped beauty case would fit comfortably inside? I like to toss my checkbook, calendar, etc in one small bag and that case sounds perfect, but want to be sure it'll fit before I order it.

  2. I would PM sprinkles about that, seeing how she has that and that she's a Coach Boutique SA. I'm going tomorrow most likely.. so I'll try it for you. I also am thinking of getting it as well! But to use it for a clutch and like you to keep in another bag (except for my messenger)
  3. It does look pretty enough to use as a clutch - I'm going to see if I can't stop by another Coach store in my area and see if they have my bag so I can give it a good look. Monday is too far away!