would the SA at LV do this for me? cost??

  1. Its a Cabas Piano. I dont have any of the reciepts/papers from it (ack) but it is authentic. Taking it to a different place from where it was bought (by my mom so not under my name either)

    Would they/Do they?
    condition the handle leather for you if you ask? do little touchups?

    its my first and only LV bag, sorry if its a stupid ? lol. Its a couple years old and needs to be conditioned on the handle but im too afraid to do it myself.

    also can they heatstamp small initials on the handle?
  2. They won't condition the leather because it's not recommended. The only thing they can do with the leather is replace it completely. They CAN however, heat stamp initials on it at no cost.
  3. how much would it cost for the handle leather to be replaced?? and thats fabulous about the heat stamping- even with no recipets/ect?
  4. if the bag has piping and you want that replaced also, it's 50% of the current retail of the bag.

    if its for the strap only, it all depends on which bag.
  5. also (sorry for all the ?'s) is it ok to stuff a bag like the cabas at night so it keeps it shape? or is it unneccesary? its kept in its dustcover whenever not being used
  6. just the strap. Its no where near having to be replaced, just a lovely warm honey color. im just curious. I want to have this bag for the rest of my life lol

  7. Stuffing it would help any creasing that might occur.......that style, and the Mezzo tend to "lay over" on its self.......
  8. Wow, I didn't know heat stamping was for free! Thanks for this info, lvbabydoll!
  9. How long does it take to get it heatstamped? Also what is the cost?
  10. wow its 50% of the current retail to replace the leather?? thats sounds pretty true tho... around $300 for a speedy?

    but i have a mc petite noe and there is a lot of leather... its going to cost me $900 to just replace the leather? =(
  11. I have never heat stamped any of my bags, but I have heat stamped my dogs collar, and it took about 2 weeks and was free. But that was a while ago, maybe a year ago? So I don't know if the rules/process changed or not.
  12. Regarding the leather replacement, there's three types to my knowledge. You can simply replace the straps, or the straps and the tabs which holds the straps to the bag and the piping. My Mother had her Ellipse PM done a year or so ago and it cost us £140 (I think, $280). This included the straps and the tabs.
  13. Some stores have onsite heatstamping.
  14. do you need to have it heatstamped when you buy it or can you bring it in?