Would the real galet please stand up!

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  1. I'm slightly confused. Which picture is more true to what galet looks like? All of these pics are supposedly galet yet the color looks so different on each picture...:thinking: Opinions?

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  2. They all look a bit dark and cool to me. I think Galet IRL is lighter and warmer.
  3. From what I can remember, the 1st picture. But the colour will 'vary' depending on the hardware and lighting.
  4. that's the beauty of bal leather -- different colours in different lights!
  5. Mine is most similar to the first pic, maybe slightly lighter...
  6. The 1st picture mostly presents Galet.
  7. Totally!

    My mum's Galet is somewhere between the first and second pic. I'll see if I can get some pics in natural daylight for you.
  8. Here we go, its not the best pic. But it kinda looks like this. (But not really!) It's lighter IRL but I only took this one photo to pine away over... so yeah.

    Anyway, I :heart: Galet to pieces and can not wait to get my own.

    Here she is, looking more gray than beige.

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  9. thank you everyone for the replies...;) I guess I'm still new to Bal and have to realize there will be some variation in color depending on the leather for that particular bag and lighting etc.. I REALLY love the first picture! It has more depth and variation to the color where the second pic looks like a flat gray although this may be because the leather is smoother than the first pic. THe last pic looks dark but the hardware might be fooling my eyes....so much variation from bag to bag with Bal.... I just love it! Each bag really does take on its own character. If I decide on a galet, I guess I should look for one with more veiny leather like the first photo....just love that type of leather with this color!:heart::nuts:
  10. thank you for posting this pic.... gorgeous bag!

  11. which is my favorite one out of the 3! Lucky you! I hope to find one like this....:graucho:
  12. Oh yes, variation for sure! Each bag (though the same color), can look totally different than the next.

    Pick one you love, I like your idea of getting a distressed one to show the chameleon color.
  13. The first photo reflects the galet IRL most.
  14. I agree that less distressing can make a color look more flat. I used to request very smooth bags in my Bal searches but now look for leather that has a lot of texture variation, as long as the leather isn't dry (papery feeling). Some colors look better with more distressing and galet is definitely one of them.
  15. Galet looks most like the first pic, but with more brown in it, especially in indoor lighting. Yes, do get a distressed, marbly one - Galet looks best with that finish. I saw a smooth Galet and it was hideous ;)