Would the Peachy Gold Paris Biarritz look good at work?

  1. Im tired of black bags and I do not like the silver and white combination on the Paris Biarritz...would it be alright or appropraite if I carried the Golden one to work? Its not blingy at all but due to the size it might be a bit too much? Im looking for the silver on silver one but its not available unless I give the style code to my SA whos not that awesome..would anyone have the style code to it..Im attaching a pics..cant find a pic of the gold one though
    What do you Chaneloholics say?

    Thanx xoxox
  2. heres a pic of the gold colour.
  3. most definitely good for work...unless your job is at the Pentagon or something very very conservative like that! :p its a beautiful, useful bag
  4. I love that gold one, very classy looking
  5. I like that color..Ive seen it..Its not blingy at all IRL
  6. love you guys...gold it is then :biggrin:
  7. woohooooooooooo cant wait to get my hands on it! Am sooo excited.
  8. I think its a great color for the spring and summer.
  9. its so pretty, It would look good anywhere
  10. i love it! it's nice and happy :biggrin:
  11. It's a great color. Totally wearable for work.
  12. Why not!!!! that's my answer, black bags do get boring! do something new. I just bought like a kaki with gold chanel purse...very trendy!!
  13. i think it would depend on your workplace. if you work in a very conservative environment, the bag might raise some eyebrows. i have the paris biarritz in boring black, but i :heart: it! it's the perfect tote for school.
  14. I also like the gold one.. But I'm having a hard time puzzling if it's too big or not for me!