would the outlets have this bag?

  1. I regret not buying this bag when it was in the coach stores.. do you think this would be in the coach outlet stores

  2. i think i saw that bag in either bloomies or macys a couple of weeks ago..
  3. I think I saw that at Macy's for 30% off yesterday. Might be worth trying there first if there's one close to you.
  4. I was there today and bought the new reversible one, but now I am aching for this one, I want to exchange the reversible one for this.
    macy's did not have it but i'll check another macy's tomorrow
  5. lol I've been looking for this bag too and I have yet to see it at my outlet :sad:
  6. I love that bag..very cute. Of course my outlet would never get them in b/c it's signature.
  7. call coach, they oftentimes have stuff even if it has been taken out of stores. the 1 866-number
  8. I :heart: this tote too, amybe I'll see it at the outlets next weekend when I go to williamsburg...doubt it, but, a girl can hope! ;)
  9. Digby I'm going to Williamsburg in 2 weeks from the 28 to only the 31. I have been saving to spend some serious loot at the coach outlet..Please tell me what they have when you go...I have been looking for quite a few bags w/ no luck yet.
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