Would the Marron The First go with EVERYTHING?

  1. I'm a Bal-virgin. I can buy the dark brown The First (which season was this, anyone?) but this would have be the only bag I'd use.

    I work in a very corporate environment and have to wear a suit every day. Would this bag be suitable or should I continue searching for a black one?

  2. yeppers, the marron first should be okay for the corporate world...but the size would be too small for me as a work bag :girlsigh:
  3. i think it's a wonderful color, esp if it's the 04, snatch it up! i'm not that sure b bags go with suits. guess it would depend on the suit. something more trendy and young, yes. more traditional, no.
  4. emmakins, if it's a conservative corporate environment... i would have to say no, but more casual environment.. YES.

    marron is from f/w 04.
  5. I think that if you decide to get the bag, you may need to get a larger one. Unless you already carry a briefcase of sorts, and wanted a purse to go with it. I have a First and I definitely can't use it for work...it fits my LV agenda, cell phone, Blackberry, and keys....just to give you an idea.
  6. i agree with esile. the first is too casual for a corporate environment (financial services, legal). a bigger bag, like the purse or the office/work bag might be better. AND probably in dark colors. i have a hobo bag in the dark brown; it's a beautiful color for office atmosphere.
  7. yikes, i'm glad i don't work in a more corporate environment :rochard:
  8. I have a Marron city and I am totally in love with the color. at first I was tempted to sell it. but it is such a versatile color and it goes with everything I wear....Love it.
  9. I think marron 05 (chocolate brown) would be fine for a work envionment, but I find the first too small for me, so if you are planning on carrying a lot of work-related stuff, I would suggest the city or work.
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