Would the LV store give me a box?

  1. I just bought a bag the other day at the LV boutique and in my excitement, I totally forgot to ask for the box when I was paying. I usually like to keep my bags in boxes (its easier to store). If I go back to the boutique to ask them for a box would they give me one? Or are they strict about only giving it out at the time of purchase? I don't want them to think that I'm going to sell it or anything...I just want it to store my new bag in...
  2. i think you could bring the receipt (just to have it in your purse in case)
    and go ahead and ask for a box.
    you should have it if you want it..
  3. Thanks! Good idea...I will take the receipt with me when I ask them
  4. I'm in the same situation! I picked up my mini lin speedy in dune today and I didn't get a box either. I left the store and was thinking the whole way home that I really wanted a box! I think I may go back and ask for one too.
  5. Yes, you can go to any LV boutique and ask for a box. I bought a BH from Portland's LV last week and didn't get a box. Once I am back home, I went to Valley Fair's LV and got a box from the SA. No problem at all.
  6. Thanks for letting us know! I just get a lil' intimidated going into the LV store because I'm so new to the brand and before I got into LV, there were some rude SAs that I've encountered so yeah, I was a little scared. I guess I need to really find a good SA that I can work with.
  7. ITA... I went without a 'regular' SA for a long time, and this last november I had taken in a purse to be repaired and I thought I should just pick someone so I did. It's so nice to have someone who knows what you're interested in, plus if you want to ever be on a waitlist it's nice to have someone to look after you. I don't buy a ton of LV but the last 7 items have been through her.
  8. You can definitely call up and get a box. You can either pick it up or have it shipped to you. I bought my tulum GM over the phone at my regular LV and they didn't include a box. So when I went in I just asked for one and they gave it to me.
  9. You shouldn't be. I've bought a couple of items without a regular SA but it's good to have one coz it would be easy to get items if every you want to be on a wait list. :heart::yes:;)
  10. Thanks so much for the info everyone! I'll definitely ask the next time I go to a LV store. I feel bad asking them to mail me one and since I've been using my bag, there's no rush for a box just yet.
  11. Actually, I do have really bad experience relating LV box. I purchased an epi passy bag a while ago from LV store in copley-boston and they did not give me any box when I made that purchase. I hardly used the bag at all, so I thought I might give it to my sister and went to the store to get a box to wrap it up. They refused to give me a box citing that people uses their box to sell the fakes on eBay!!! Basically, they were accusing me of a scam artist trying to pass off fakes on eBay. I asked them to look into my purchase records or I even offered to bring in my receipt, but they said once I walk outside of the store after the purchase, they can not give a stinking box even if I bring the bag in!!!! Since they have no way of knowing if I already got the box when I made purchase. I do understand they want to protect their trademark and refutation. BUT on what expense? treat their customer as if they were some kind of crooks? I haven't made any purchases from them since.
  12. OMG!! im sorry to hear that..such a rude SA :cursing:. Why dont you speak with your SA, she/he might remember whether you already get the box or not when you purchase the bag.
  13. Oh wow, I'm so sorry to hear that they were so mean to you! I actually went to the LV store in Beverly Hills yesterday and when I bought my bowling montaigne gm, I mentioned to the assistant manager that was helping me that the store that I bought my speedy at didn't give me a box and he was so nice and gave me the box without any hassle.
  14. Bring your purse, and make sure that it fits in it. I got a box that doesn't fit perfectly. So save yourself an extra trip.
  15. omg, so sorry to hear that you had an awful experience!! Isn't it just weird how the SAs at LV are either super nice, or extremely awful! Some SAs get really stingy about giving out boxes and catalogues even when you purchase something. What good does it do for them? Geez... when i got my MC speedy and asked for a box, they said that they don't have any boxes....yea right! They are just stupid.