Would the cerf tote.....

  1. There are a few of us looking for a good bag to carry a laptop (14.5''x 10" x 1" ) around in. I wondered if the cerf tote would be suitable for this?
  2. I don't think I'd use the Cerf for a laptop because it's totally open at the top... a laptop costs several thousand dollars, and I'd hate to have rain get on it, or it fall out if you tip the bag by accident.

    Also, the Cerf doesn't have a lot of cushioning at the base - again, not good for the computer.

    Shhhhhh, I shouldn't say this on the Chanel board, but I would actually look at the LV line for some laptop bags... the Taiga line is a bit masculine, but they have some sleek laptop bags that would be much better designed that fully close, with pockets for stuff like cords, CD,s, etc...
  3. Thanks, I will do that. Does the same go for the grand shopper?
  4. I haven't looked at the Grand Shopper that closely, so I don't remember if it closes at the top or not.

    I'm probably a bit paranoid about laptops... my DH accidentally dropped mine a couple of times, and there's NO WAY a Chanel bag would have had enough protection to save it. We were lucky that in a couple of years, that only a surface crack in the corner has appeared.
  5. Hi, I have the cerf bag. I don't put the laptop in it. Mine's an IBM, so it's heavy. the cerf bag can hold your files, but definitely not a laptop. Plus, you don't want to ruin the bag by putting your laptop in it. Also, it makes the bag heavier with a laptop in it.
  6. The other girls have already given some really solid advice. Just to add though, the cerf does have two magnetic buttons to help semi-close the bag, but I've always been paranoid about the magnets damaging my LCD screen. >.<