Would the Cerf tote be appropriate for a 20 yr old?

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  1. Hi there ladies!

    If any of you remember, I posted a thread a couple weeks ago about how I was torn about the white flap (which I already purchased), black east west with bijoux chain, and the GST.


    Obviously it's a good thing I didn't make any rash decisions because I changed my mind again! :hysteric::p

    I am now lusting after the CERF tote. But my only concern is I don't know how age appropriate that is. It is a very understated, elegant bag. So beautiful!!! :love: And I love that it does not have the huge CC logo on it like the GST or medallion- I feel myself falling out of love with logos more and more everyday. But will the cerf tote look too "old" on me? My SA was voicing her concern that it may- I love that she is so honest. I wanted to hear other people's opinions on this matter.

    I would be using the Cerf for school, to go to my internship (wooooooot Hillary Clinton for President!! :upsidedown:), and hopefully for other endeavors in the future (like a summer internship and a job). I know a lot of ladies use the cerf tote for work only...

    So I would appreciate any input ladies!!!! Thank you so much for letting me share my concerns with you :tup:


    PS. I just have to say it- I have something bleu fonce coming home sooooooooooooooon!!!!!:nuts: :yahoo:
  2. I think it'd be perfect for you!!!!!!! I say go for it! It'd be great for what your looking for and its such a gorgeous bag!!!
  3. I think at the very very beginning - the structure of the cerf tote will give a more formal/professional feel to it, but as you use it and the leather softens a bit and it becomes more 'you'... I think it gives that 'work only' feel less.

    Like most Chanel bags, I really do think that the cerf tote is something you can dress up or dress down. It's true that the first 'take' or 'opinion' on it - is that it's perfect for work, however, I think it can also be taken out on the weekends without people thinking you're too formal looking!

    Here's pics of the cerf with Ashley Olsen:

    chanel cerf tote olsen.jpg

    chanel cerf tote olsen 2.jpg

    I think this pic is a great example of how she has broken in the cerf and truly made it her own and she can dress it up or where it super casual. Plus this also shows the cerf isn't too old for someone in their 20s!!
  4. i think the cerf is cool on ashley olsen, it actually depends on what you're gonna wear with the bag. i think if you wear an office outfit, you'll probably look very professional with the cerf. but if you dress down like olsen, you'd probably look just as fab as her! :smile: post pics when you've decided!

  5. I love those pictures of Ashley Olsen, jadecee! But I heard that the new cerf totes have leather that is less malleable than the old totes! I would love to find an old tote because I think it looks wonderful on Ashley. Thanks for the input ladies- I guess you really can't go wrong with ANY Chanel bags!
  6. BTW, ladydeluxe I LOOOOVE the patent clutch you're getting! It's gorgeous! And have fun with the baby cabas- it's one of my favorite bags.
  7. I would usually say that I think it would be bit mature for a 20 year old, but you sound like you have professional responsibilities and it will be very appropriate.
  8. I think you should definitely try to find the old Cerf. The new one, which is now called the Executive bag, does indeed look much more structured than the old Cerf :yes:
  9. I'm 20 as well and I think the cerf is perfect! If youre afraid of the cerf tote looking too "old" for you, how about getting one in a splash of color? Like pink? But honestly, I dont think you can go wrong with a cerf in any color at any age

  10. I saw the old Cerf Tote at the Saks in Phoenix during the Sept EGC event. If you call there, they might not recognize the name "Cerf". Instead they call it the deerskin tote. In any case, I have an old one and it might be easier to just give them the style number


    BTW, I don't think it would look too old on you at all! :yes:
  11. thank you dear! i haven't gotten them yet, holding on my order cause i might get a patent jumbo to combine shipping. i'm still deciding, so fickle! :-/

  12. Ooh patent jumbo. Sounds beautiful! Is it the black patent or the navy? I looooove the navy patent- I think my mom is getting me the medium for my birthday in a couple weeks. She was hinting :graucho:
  13. ^ navy patent! but thing is, i've overspent (look at my wishlist on what's coming my way LOL) for this month and i would have to discuss with my mom tmr on whether i am 'allowed' to get one since you know, the bills that are coming in will probably frighten her lol. i hope i can though! otherwise i can wait for the black patent, either way i'm pleassssseed :smile:

    you're so lucky! how old will you be and when's your bday? mine's in feb, i've been eyeing on bags to replace the 'cartier bangle' my mom hinted to me about, which imho is the most impractical thing i ever come across (stupid screws! you have to screw/unscrew to wear/remove the bangle!). ACKS!

  14. Aww I'm sure you can figure something out with your mom!! But seriously you have some great bags coming in- magenta is my favorite balenciaga. I seriously LOVE my magenta first- if I could, I would go back to 2005 so I could snatch up magenta in all the different sizes!!!

    I have to say, the cartier love bangle is one of my FAVORITE pieces of jewelry- hands down that line is just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I've been hinting at the bf for something from the line, hahaha. (Our 2 yr anniversary is the same as my bday, so he needs to get something good! LOL) My birthday is Oct 24 and I'm turning 2-0! hehe still a baby, right? How old are you turning?

    jeannebar: thank you SO MUCH for the style #. I'm going to take it to my SA and see if she can find it for me. I don't like the new closure for the bag either- I want the two magnetic closures, not the leather strip!!! Thanks again!
  15. LOL WE NEED TO PM. we're totally digressing! anyway, we're of the same age dearie! do i sound that old! :roflmfao: i'm turning 2to>the1 in feb :yucky: and i'm totally dreading it! acks, i love the cartier bangle, but my mom wants to get me the one in diamond (since it's 21 and she wants it all glammed up :wtf:) and i'm not complaining but i have to go to school and all that, you know? just not right for daily use. i told her i'll get the ring version instead of the bangle since i'm scatty and clumsy, who knows i'll knock a diamond out from the bangle LOL (hey it actually happened to my diamond ring)! :graucho: you're so lucky! i wish i had a bf like yours lol but i'm happy being single! yay! hint to him a chanel j12!!! that's so FAB too!