Would the Burberry Outlet sell a fake?

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Dec 29, 2008
Hi guys!

So I was in England this week and swung by the Bicester Village outlets north of London. While there, I bought a giant studded hobo at the Burberry Outlet for 400 pounds, which I thought was a steal at the time. I was also surrounded by people and in that crazed "outlet" state where you tend to impulse buy and not pay close attention...

Once I got the bag home, I turned to Google to see what the original price was. The only place I could find the bag was on a website that is clearly selling fakes. (Not sure if I can't post direct links to to the site, but I'll give it a shot: http://www.cheapburberrybagsforsale.com/leather-cluster-stud-hobo-bag-chocolate-p-56.html) The bag style on the tag is called "Stephne."

I started looking closer at the details, and the lining seems kind of cheap and glued in, though the leather and studs are nice and heavy. (Too heavy actually.) The Burberry plate is just gold and says the name.

Hence my question: Is it possible I bought a fake at the Burberry outlets? Or if not a fake, then a bag that never hit the production line?

Would love to know if any of you have ever seen this style of purse before and your thoughts on what I've posted here. Happy New Year!!


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