Would someone PLEASE tell me what bag this is

  1. Photo taken from one of the PF member's amazing, and amazingly displayed, collections. I am really wanting the giant whiskey colored bag on the right looks like some kind of Hamptons bag. Any help appreciated, TIA!

  2. I don't know the answer, but I love the bag lol! You have super taste!
  3. OMG:wtf: That IS an AMAZING bag!!!!!! Oh....the color....the leather....uh!!!! Gorgeous!!! And I'm not even gonna start w/ the display..........breath-taking!!!
  4. Gorgeous.. I think it might be a Hampton's Limited Edition Vintage Carryall??
  5. Hamptons Vintage Carryall style #9290. I believe that it came in black, cognac and pink and it retailed for $598. I attached a drilldown pic for you.

  6. Pink :drool::love::love::love::love:
  7. Yes thats correct Hampton's Vintage Carryall from 2 years ago. I have the pink one which was very limited! I did see one on eBay like 2 weeks ago. You can also call the Coach store and have them look up the style number 9290 to see if any are still available in Jax.
  8. Love that bag!!

    But who's collection is that? That display is amazing!
  9. i saw that bag too, and i fell in love. i PMed her when she posted that pic of her collection. the owner is JB Bags. she said its called the "Hampton's Large VINTAGE Carryall, serial J05S-9290." coach came out with them in black, white, cognac and pink. it came out in 2005. the bag has an open top with a large interior zippered pocket of one side and the normal two multi-function pockets on the other side. the interior is a tan signature lining.

    here is a thread posted by anotheremptysky. she posted modeling pics of her and her pink vintage carryall. it's really pretty. but a little too big for me, so i passed on a few eBay auctions of the bag.

  10. WOW! That really is striking!!:drool:
    I remember seeing the post with this amazing display and the beautiful bags but somehow I missed that bag! It really is gorgeous!!
    Thanks for all the info ladies! You girls really know your stuff!:yes:
  11. That is SOME display!!!!!!!