Would someone please drop a trail of olives

  1. Would someone please drop a trail of olives to lure shopmom back to tpf. I'm having shopmom posting withdrawal.
  2. Where is Shopmom anyway?

    (and thanks for making me hungry)
  3. She's in Alaska. She'll be back, I'm sure with nice pictures of Princess B. She's just having a little party time.
  4. She is living it up right now at the NYC meet up. In fact, she is probably enjoying brunch as we type!
  5. Oh that's right! I had forgotten it was that time. I can't wait to hear about everyone's experiences with shopping/eating and meeting each other, and with such wonderful weather!
  6. Sure, she's at Hermes Alaska, but don't they have email there?
  7. ^^ I guess they're having so much fun to replace tPF daily fix!
  8. You need to add some top shelf martinis for her to even pick up the scent!
  9. Not so patiently waiting to hear all about the trip and see some H goodies...:nuts:

  10. We need to get S'mom a blackberry so she can TPF on the go!
  11. I don't want to sound too stupid, ok, I'll sound very stupid (no way out of that I'm afraid), but what's Hermès Alaska?:shrugs: Isn't she supposed to be in NYC.

    Awwww, I always read these things about Alaska and I just don't understand what it means:push:
  12. trama, alaska is just a joke referring to the fact we shouldn't give out too much personal info online since you never know who is reading it and who may have an ulterior motive or bad agenda. ;)
  13. Nvm. Someone already said it!
  14. :balloon: Thanks for putting me out of my misery!
  15. ^^ If I remember correctly, S'M was the one who made up the joke about a new H store opening in Alaska and that's where it all started..