Would someone be so kind... (PLEASE!)

  1. ... as to post a picture of themselves wearing their slim duffel crossbody? I cant make it to the store this week but Im thinking of ordering one in the next day or so- and I need help figuring out if they are long enough for my taste. Thanks!!!!
  2. Sure here ya go. This is an older one I used to have.
    Ebay Pics 271.jpg Ebay Pics 270.jpg
  3. So sweet of you! Thanks a million :woohoo: You officially sealed the deal for me- Ive gotta have this bag!
  4. late to the party...but here's another version:


    cross body (I was a bit heavier back when this picture was taken...for reference, I'm 5'9"ish)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Great pics!
  6. I think I need one. NOW. :p

    Oh tPF, it's what you do to meeee.