Would she do the right thing??


Should she sell her fake to get a real??

  1. Yes sure why not

  2. No..

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  1. Okay well my friend bought a mono speedy 25 this from ebay thinking it was real...and it was not...she payed i think 190$...She saw pictures of the new damier azur speedy's....and she flipped out!!!she LOVED them loll..but she told me she only has 90$ and that her dad can give her 250$..she wants to get the speedy 25...soo she is thinking about selling her other speedy 25 for the money that she is missing...do you think its a good idea or bad??I dont know what to tell her...we both are anti-fakes so selling a fake would be kinda bad but she says its for a good cause lol...

    I showed my parents pictures of the azur speedy and they told me i can get it for my birthday(cant wait!!:yahoo:)
  2. I really don't think she should sell it. There's no way she can get her money back? Did she exhaust all avenues for a refund (credit card chargeback, paypal, reporting seller for mail fraud to USPS, etc)?
  3. I agree. Is there a way for her to get her money back instead?
  4. never buy anything on eBay! Seriously!
  5. Don't continue the cycle of fakes!!!
  6. she tried..but the thing is she realy did not know only after 3weeks...and the seller said that he only accepted refunds after 1week and a half.
  7. I just received my mono speedy 25 from an ebay auction. It is authentic. You can get real LV on eBay, but NOT FOR $190.
  8. Your friend needs to put another log on the fire,,,:yes:
  9. The seller committed fraud and broke eBay's terms of service by selling counterfeit merchandise. Screw his "return policy." Tell him you're going to the police. You'll get your refund.
  10. it happened to me with a mono papillon which is in my closet...could never screw someone like I go screwed...just not nice...if you sell it let the person know they are buying a fake... I was tricked bait and switch...it is evil...
  11. thanks guys..yeah im with you...i think she should use her fake as a laundry bag lol
  12. Oh and if your friend tries to sell that fake on ebay, they are just as guilty and could also be prosecuted, or at the very least be banned from ebay.
  13. Agree with everyone...please tell ur friend not to sell the fake...get the refund! And in any case, she'll be breaking the law too if she sells it knowing that its a fake...

    Oh and congratulations to you on getting the speedy for your birthday! Pics please when u get her!
  14. she should buy the real deal and use the fake for a planter and hope someone takes it.
  15. With handbags.. I wouldn't buy so quick.. lol