Would rouille suit me?

  1. I like wearing grey, black, white tops, dark jeans, taupe/naturals ... lots of neutrals, a bit of green ... Do you think 07 rouille would suit me and my wardrobe?

    I've been thinking about it for a while now and just can't make up my mind. I was also considering mogano but thinking that I don't need another dark neutral.

    Those of you who have a paprika/rouille bag, do you use if often? What do you wear with it?

    Please help me decide.

    plombcitynaturalshoulder.jpg plombcitynaturalarm.jpg plombcity.jpg
  2. It sounds like you wear a lot of neutral colors. That means you could carry ANY color bag and it will go! :tup:
  3. I agree with Cleo, you could carry any bag with the neutrals that you wear. Rouille is a fantastic colour and I think you would be surprised how well it goes with things! Plus Balenciaga does colour so well, you have a dark bag, go with colour!

    I wear mine with olivey greens, grey, black, it also goes well with some blues (opposite colours), beiges, and all browns.

    I wish you well,

  4. I have a rouille city and it is hands-down the most usable color (other than black) in my BBag cache :yes:

    It contrasts perfectly with blues and greens, goes wonderfully well with chocolates and creams and neutrals:

  5. Oooh......I was waffling back and forth about the '07 Paprika/Rouille and couldn't make up my mind but after seeing hmwe46's, I might just go for it. I can't stop thinking about it so that means I must really need....er, want it, right?:graucho:
  6. Absolutely!!!! I love Rouille (I have an 06 Rouille City but it looks very similar to 07 Paprika) and think it's a gorgeous color. ITA with hmwe, it's one of the most versatile Bal colors to wear! It's a lovely ~pop~ with light and dark colored neutrals. It gets tons of compliments.

    Go for it!:tup:
  7. you got a gorgeous black city there, drati! :nuts: how coincidental, it recently occurred to me that i could consider rouille as one of the brights for a First. orange would go well with most of the colours you wear! from where we last left off (in sunny07's thread) i'd say it's down to rouille or sienna. somehow i'm gravitating away from sienna again and would personally be real tempted to get the rouille :graucho:
  8. I love rouille too! ITA with cleo, since you wear mostly neutrals, a bold colored bag would suit perfectly with your outfit.
  9. I agree, I'm tending more towards rouille than sienna, I like the stronger colour. Although sienna does look gorgeous too in the pics we've seen. Yes, been considering this for a while.

    The city in the pics is actually plomb. It does look black in that light -- something I like about this bag. Thanks for your comments.
  10. Gorgeous bag! Thanks for the picture and the feed-back about your rouille.
  11. go for it ^.^
    Rouille is such a cool color imo, and I am sure it will suit you well!
  12. Just browsing around in this forum and coming across other people saying that rouille is hard to match with clothes, so I'm interested that you consider it very usable.

    Somehow I'm still not sure and still considering mogano as an alternative. I like the rouille colour but am just not sure how much I'd use it. It's such a risk relying on photos to buy and rouille is probably difficult to photograph.Perhaps I better stick to safer colours. I like mogano but am concerned that it's a little dark, perhaps. I don't know how much red it has in it.

    I appreciate your comments, everybody, and will let you know if/when I decide.
  13. oh yes, yours is a plomb. i saw shortly after i left my comments here. congrats! there're just so many lovely colours i had to pass up this year. plomb, vert fonce, ocean, marine, sienna.. anyway i can never afford more than 4 bbags per year, on average :lol:

    do you prefer more or less red in mogano? did the pictures help? i'd say it's quite dark. the red shows up more obvious only during daylight. then, some variations are inevitable. i suppose when you place your order online, you could make the request accordingly ;)
  14. I'm not a big bag buyer and cannot afford many, that's why I have to consider my colours carefully. I've mainly had black bags and am enjoying some colour, but as you can see am still tentative about it!

    I like the mogano with red, yes. And lighter rather than too dark. Mogano is another one of those colours that changes a lot with the light, so it's hard to tell. I am looking for some contrast with my wardrobe, but not too much contrast, KWIM? I fear that perhaps the rouille is just too much for me to carry off comfortably, on a regular basis. I like the reddish undertones of the mogano and that it's quite an usual brown. That's what attracts me.
  15. don't know if this pic might help. i posted it in one thread to show how 'bulgy' it looks with 2 change of clothing and a pair of soft flats. it shows the contrast of the colour when daylight from the right falls on it.