Would pomme vernis zippy wallet go with a conservative bag?

  1. I'm pretty conservative and my bag of choice these days for work is popincourt haut.

    I love vernis but it's just too flashy for me to carry a handbag in vernis (although I envy you gals that can pull it off). :greengrin:

    So, my question is would a pomme vernis zippy (or koala) wallet go with a more conservative bag like popincourt haut?
  2. I think that the darker vernis colors look pretty with mono.
  3. Either wallet in Pomme d'amour would look lovely with your Popincourt.
  4. Yes Yes
    lv_today2.jpg lv_today3.jpg
  5. I would use it with the popincourt. Very chic contrast.
  6. Bag Fetish, Love all accessories inside your Lockit!
  7. that isnt mine :sad: sorry to say.. but i'd love to have them all :biggrin:
  8. Great picture bagfetish, that really helped a lot!
  9. absolutely! That color will brighten your day everytime you see it!
  10. Yep. Am dying for a pomme wallet inside a regular damier alma...

    I like the contrast of the vernis and conservative bag... fun!
  11. A Pomme d'Amour zippy wallet would look absolutely gorgeous!! It's perfect to give that little punch of color!! :yes:
  12. Totally! I think it would look great!
  13. I think so yes! Go for it!

    See how lovely my Cles looks in my Petit Noe?



    Yes I carry a boatload of junk in my purse. LOL.
  14. Lovely.
  15. Definitely! I think the red would be sumptuous against the mono.