Would one of the japanese catalogs be worth $50?

  1. There's one on eBay now for $30 +$20 to ship. I'm interested in seeing the different color combinations, as I have a deficit in being able to "imagine" how a color might look on a leather, etc. Also, what other keywords besides japanese hermes catalog(ue) should I use to search? Thanks!

  2. I bought one recently on eBay and I thought it was worth it! Although you can't read most of what it says, the catalog I got has literally hundreds of pictures of different Hermes items. I do wish I could read what all the different leathers and colors are but atleast I can look at them!!!!! It is very fun to look through and I have it by my bed!
  3. You can buy it directly from Amazon Japan, you know. I bought one and it turned out slightly cheaper. There was a thread about it a few months back with the link to the catalogue (you can do a tPF search). Amazon Japan has an English version so you do not need to know Japanese to order.
  4. I purchased one for $50.00 and think it is definitely worth it..:tup:
  5. The Jap catalogue is like a candy catalogue and will make your current Hermes addiction worse than ever - you are warned Ha Ha

    However, do bear in mind the following:
    a) the color as shown in the catalogue may not be true to life
    b) japan is offered limited edition colors or products that may not be available to other countries
    c) presumably the items are real (not knock offs)

    I would say buy it for your own amusement and for eye candy if you don't mind the spending the $50/-. But nothing and nothing beats seeing the leather book IRL if that is what you are after.

  6. Ditto that Ghost! I am already looking for the 2008 one!!! Eye candy galore! :drool:
  7. Yep it ends up being about $40+ after shipping and exchange rate.
  8. SOLD! Can't wait to get it & drool over the pics. Plus, I might have to leave it laying around with my dream bag circled so DH can see it (repeatedly).
  9. Here's the English link of the page


    I've ordered one back in October last year and I think it is totally worthwhile, you can always sell it on ebay if you don't like it. :yes:

    Just realized that there's another Brand Mall MINI book about Hermes, can someone who read Japanese tell us what this one is about? Thanks.

  10. Just buy it from Amazon Japan, they will FedEx it to you.
  11. Once you get your hands on a Japanese Super Catalogue they somehow become priceless. I have spent hours upon hours mindlessly looking at all the pictures, and more hours actually concentrating on what I was looking at. I am always amazed at how much I missed after studying that book for years. Often it is like seeing a picture for the first time when I am actually looking for an item.
  12. I have been buying Japanese catalogs for 5+ years now and I think they are worth every penny. They are great references since my store don't carry everything H produces. It's also a great motivational tool to inspire me to work harder for my H fund.;)

    Jean - I have both the mini and the latest ones. If you have the 2007 super collection catalog, you will not need this mini version from 2006. They are very similar except the 2007 has much more and it's more or less up-to-date.
  13. Umm if you want this for about $20 let me know I can forward you to a reputable place (I have bought a 1/2 dozen for my H afflicted friends!)....I can certainly point you to website and phone number.
  14. Thanks for the information.:p
  15. thanks for the link. i just bought one from amazon japan. i can't wait to drool all over the eye candy in the comfort of my own bed! when does it come out every year?