Would need work bag suggestions

  1. I'm usually more a Balenciaga and BV girl but I alwaysiked the Coach leather bags from the pics. I've never seen one IRL as they're not available in Germany. My DH will travel to the US end of next week and now I've the possibility to get my hands on a Coach bag.
    I would like a black bag for work and university which can hold A4 folders and my 12"notebook. so which bag should I get?
    I really like the Hamptons but I'm not sure if the business tote doesn't look to big one and if the large isn't to small.
    The other bag I really like is the Soho large satchel.
    I'm open to any new suggestions you have for me.
    Thanks for your help!!
  2. I just bought the hamtons business carryall and am loving it!!!
  3. I wanted to post the same question!
    Any feed back on the Hamptons bag is welcome, especially from working girls with a4 folders and lots of paper....
  4. I think the Hamptons carryall is a great choice. You can also take a look at some of the multi-function totes, which I know many people use for laptops. You might want to choose leather for long term durablility; papers and laptops can really take a toll on a bag after a few years. Good luck!
  5. I want definetely leather and my all time favourite is the Hampton pebbled leather business tote.
    How do you think are the chances to get one at the outlet shops?
  6. I looked at the Hamptons Business Tote, but the size just didn't work for me. The width was fine, but the height was too short. I have to carry around binders and they stuck up about 3 inches past the top, which made it hard to carry on my shoulder (and looked weird). If you just have loose papers and a notebook though, it would probably work fine for you. I always liked the soho large satchel too, although I knew that one would DEFINITELY be too small for me.
  7. Oh I love love LOOOOOVE the Hamptons business tote. Its fits everything I need. Its so beautiful! I know the outlets around me had a good amount as they all got new shipments in.