would Macy's match a PCE card discount?

  1. just curious, I would guess not right? thanks
  2. I doubt it...they don't usually take their own coupons for Coach items.
  3. They may, you never know! Doesn't hurt to ask. Nordstrom's matched 25% off for my mom and I on the Ergo Signature Hobos. They were on sale for $178 plus 25% off. Then my mom used 2 Nordstroms notes and got an additional $40 off of her bag!
  4. I know someone who claims that Macy's matched the PCE coupon.
  5. The manager told me he would when i asked out of curiousity just before x-mas. This was pertaining to a Coach Wallet chelsea zip
  6. It never hurts to ask.... last year, my local Macy's matched the Coach outlet's price for my whiskey colored shearling bag. The senior SA at the Coach counter stated that under certain cirucumstances such as this, Macy's would be willing to match the outlet price as a show of good will and customer appreciation. Nordstrom's has also price matched both Coach shoes and hand bags for me, as long as they were able to verify the sale price at either the Coach outlet or retail store via a telephone call.