Would love your opinion!

  1. So, if you were me and you already have:

    * 32cm Chocolate Togo Kelly
    * 31cm Black Box Bolide
    * 32cm Toile/Box Leather Vintage Kelly
    * and least we forget the workday sling, a zippy PM Vespa (kinda orange)

    would you stay wait-listed for a 28cm Black Box Kelly? OR would you:

    a). Go for the same bag in color
    b). Look for a 35cm Black Birkin (no idea leather or hw color)

    I'd love all these bags and it's possible they will all come in time but if I get the call that the 28cm has arrived and I could only have ONE more bag for a long while, what would you do??????

  2. b.) in ROUGE
  3. i would go for a birkin now as you already have wonderful kellys a birkin is deperately needed :lol:
  4. Get some color!!!!!
  5. I agree with Lilach. You have two gorgeous Kellys. It's time for Birkin, huh?
  6. I say whatever comes to you first...the black Kelly you are waitlisted for or a 35 birkin in black or a "punch of color".

    My feeling is look at it like this...you would love them all...whatever comes your way first that is the bag to take. You can always decline if it isn't what you want when it hits your hands.

    It has been tough for me to get a bag...so don't take yourself off the waitlist for the black box Kelly...just add the other things you would like and see what comes first.
  7. That all depends on how you really feel about the Birkin. If you like the Birkin, I'd get one in a color and then also, eventually get a classic black box Kelly with a different HW (palladium?)

    How about a gold Birkin or Rouge H?
  8. I'm personally a Kelly fan so I know I'd go for option (A).

    But if you would like a Birkin at all, then I'd definitely choose Option (B) with orange or potiron color like Greentea's. I think it'd almost complete your classic bag collection with a splash of color!!!
  9. Thanks, guys! As always, you are the best!

    Now...I would only buy a Birkin from either the store (fat chance....)or from a TRUSTED re-seller. I know that MightyKismet and Lux-Wear mark up their Birkins by about $1K or more so I'm a bit in the dark about the "real" cost of one. What would you say a 35cm Birkin would run?
  10. I think it's time for a Birkin! But I wouldn't cancel the box Kelly just yet. I think when the right bag shows up, you'll know. :rolleyes:

    BTW Shopmom - Are you going to the SF store today? I am contemplating...
  11. i was just thinking about you your style etc. what do you think of a birkin in box rouge H colour and gold hardware??
  12. No, Fopduck....I heard the Bridge was shutting down the lower span today sometime so I thought I'd stay away....plus, whenever I do go, I wind up buying something and I just wired some dough to the boys in Zurich! Although, Jose IS holding a scarf for me.....hmmmmm.
  13. Ohhhhh, Lilach. That really sounds beautiful. I think it would be lovely with all the black and the jeans I wear. What size do you think? 30, 35?
  14. as you already have day to night bags i would go with 35 as a wondeful daytime statement bag. rouge h looks awesome in box and gold hardware :love: and i think it is perfect for you and what i know about your style !
    but still thinking of ostrich for you btw :lol:
  15. Oh, I know! That Ostrich...what a fiasco! Well, one things for sure....I know there's an ostrich Kelly in my future someday. I'll probably be very, very happy with a vintage one at that! Somehow, in my mind, vintage Ostrich just goes together.....