Would love your opinion on the ~*Damier Belem MM*~ please

  1. Hi,
    I was curious if anyone here has one and what your opinion is.:idea: Thinking of one for myself:yes:
  2. I'm not a fan of the Belem... :shrugs: yet.

    The shape doesn't really appeal to me... I don't know why.
  3. thumbs up from me!
  4. The shape is a little weird, but with time, I'd get used to it...
  5. tried this on in the store...its gorgeous! but the shape does take some getting used to
  6. it's super cute!! :yes: and by its size, it holds a lot...really.:party:

    i acn put my groom wallet (red one) into it too.
  7. I own one... don't use it that often... I'm more a hand-held-girl and to me, the Belem is a shoulder bag.
    But the shape is really nice, wide opening and rather unique.
  8. I prefer the PM size the shape is so cute:love:
  9. used to have one but sold it after a month. i realized it is not my kind of bag
  10. love the look of the PM, but don't know if hand held would bother me.
    tried on the MM IRL and felt it did not sit comfortably on my shoulder bc it's too round.
    have you tried it on yourself? can you?
    love the unique shape and have never seen one IRL on anyone, and that appeals to me:yes:
  11. I like the Belem, its cute and different!
  12. hmm it looks like a basket makes me wanna put flowers in it:nuts:
    i would go for a petit noe if you like that shape and don't allready own one...
  13. belem mm is the only model i like in damier line! i don't own one but have seen it on someone before and it was gorgeous:smile:
  14. im not a big fan of the mm...i think the shape lends itself better to the smaller size of the pm...and ive seen a girl with a pm...its looks AMAZING and unique...
  15. Thanks everyone! Lots of different opinions here, I appreciate it!!