Would Love Your Honest Opinions On Size

  1. I posted pictures of the Medium Quilted Tribute when it first arrived. Hope you are not too tired of this bag yet because I need your help;).I am still mulling around about the size. I will be seeing the large next month but wondered if I am making much ado about nothing here. It is a great bag:heart: . I took some pictures with the type of clothes I will be wearing the bag with and I would love opinions on the size. For once, I know it is not too big:lol: Do you think the size is just right or too small? TIA:flowers:
    tribute a10.jpg tribute a11.jpg tribute a.jpg tribute a3.jpg tribute a4.jpg
  2. I think it's a great size! Not too big, not too small, just like you said! Perfect and modern!
  3. I bought the large one two weeks ago at Saks. IMO, I think the larger is much cuter and a better choice. All of my friends think the large one is better. I was indecisive for one week and reading your original thread even had me second guessing the size I should get. AFter trying on both at Saks, I realized that I wanted the large and I love it. Looking at celeb pics of Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan, and Ashlee Simpson (all have large) confirm my love for the larger size. You should buy the large and try it on and then decide which to return. Hope this helps.
  4. You wear this medium very well! Congrats! I think it looks great. The large may be too casual for the clothes you are wearing.
  5. Honestly, I prefer the Large Tribute tote. I think the bag looks better slouchier, with some drape to it. That's just my personal opinion; keep in mind, I also own the Oversize Muse and the Large Downtown, and some tPFers think those sizes are way too big and overwhelming.

    There's no "wrong" answer here Samantha. The Medium does look nice on you. It just looks more "handbag," less "tote." I think you should try on the Large and then decide.
  6. I've seen both sizes and they give out very different vibes. The medium looks perfect on you. Well proportioned and I think it'll be great for the office too. The large looks more casual IMO. But if you are having second thoughts perhaps you are not in love with the medium so try on the large and see which one jumps at you. I personally prefer the medium
  7. That bag looks *perfect* on you. YOU look perfect too!!

    But if you're having doubts,the only way to assuage those is to try the large too.

    Honestly,looking at those pics I would never think "her bag is too small".
  8. I think the smaller version can look dressier when you want, but it can also look more casual when you want. For instance, it looks super cute with your jeans, but it looks super cute with your black dress. A bigger bag would look a little silly out at night, in my opinion...
  9. You wear the Medium well, but I think you should also try on the Large and then make decision which size to keep. If you need help, post pictures of you wearing the Large once you receive it.
  10. You look great and dont think it's too small.
  11. Honestly, I would trade up and go for the large - the large is a "WOW" bag. Try it on and see what you think!
  12. Thank you so much for all the opinions ladies:flowers:. My mind is made up. I don't need to see the large. I will be keeping the medium. The size does suit how I will be using it. If I want a larger bag I do want it to be larger in girth too. So, this bag will be making it out of the house tonight! Thanks again.
  13. If you want the bag for daytime only I would get the large. If you want to be able to use it for day and night I would stick to the medium.
  14. I think that is perfect and versatile. I think it's one of those bags that you can actually wear during the day that transfers over to night.

    Frankly, while I tend to go for bigger bags due to my height, I do think that there is a limit to that. You wear the medium very well. I have to say that more times than not, I often think that someone's bag dwarfs them rather than, "Wow, that bag is much too small." For whatever it's worth...
  15. It is absolutely not too small in my opinion. i think this size will have a longer life than the larger bags, which will look dated in another season or two.