would love your help on this query ...

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  1. hi there - its my first time on this forum ... i tend to frequent the chloe/bal/MJ and prada ones but this little beauty caught my eye and before i snap it up i just had a few questions:


    Its a gucci metallic snake bag ... and its in my fav colour blue ... but i have no idea of the style, how it looks on, if it can be worn on the shoulder ... and whether thats a good price or not?
    I was sure you great gals would know ... and i would be so grateful for any advice.

    Thank you so much! :heart:
  2. mmm...you should go to www.gucci.com and search for the bag...

    and look at the price!

    i'm don't know 100% if the bag is on the site too...

    and...lol...you should check if annsfabulousfinds.com is a site which sells Genuine Gucci!!!

    lol...sorry if i wasn't much help...

    but...aren't I a great GUY? lol not gal...hahahahaha

    LOL bye!
  3. I'm a bit cautious because I've never seen this Gucci bag before and the price seems low for snakeskin. But perhaps some of the other members with more expertise will weigh in. Good luck.
  4. Welcome to Gucci!! I'm not gonna be much help either coz I'm not familiar with the bag. I'm sure it's a few seasons back....but i've read here that annsfabulousfinds is a legit site. :smile: wait for a few more responses...like emald or beejerry...they're very knowledgeable!!!
  5. Yes, this bag can be worn on the shoulder. I am not sure about the color, maybe ask for some pics in better lighting to be sure it is the color you want. I know they had one that was more purple color.
  6. hi there - annsfabulousfinds is a legit seller - if you check the chloe and balenciaga forums you will see that.
    I dont know if i should get it if i dont know more about it ... thanks for your help!