would love your help on new sunnies


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Nov 10, 2006
Hiiii! well, they say when a Higher Being giveth (got vinyl Coco Cabas!), that same Higher Being taketh away (LOST loved pair of tortoise shell Chanel sunnies!). I have 3 other pairs (2 which were given to me) but the tortoise shells i adored and i must have a pair of tortoise in my sunnie wardrobe! Looked high and low for them, in all my purses, at work, in car, in DH's car, called places where i was, looked under furniture, in garage, in medicine cabinent, even in cookie jar...................they are gone, kidnapped, ran away. Now, I must buy another pair: which ones, Ladies (and guys)? I love the new ones that have the camellias and small cc on the bows ($375) but in tortoise you can hardly see the black camellias and cc. And I love them in white where everything shows up. But if i get them in white then tortoise must wait and that defeats the purpose of buying new ones, to replace the lost ones ...(as an aside, at the rate i'm going with the spending and the ban that will be put on me any day now, will be lucky to have the tortoise when i'm so old that my eyes will have cataracts and won't be able to see out of sunnies anyway). My choices:
1 white with black stuff on bows
2. tortoise shell with the large mother-of-pearl CCs on bows

and PS do you think that white sunnies should only be worn by people with very white teeth? i mean, do they make one's teeth look yellower? if i get the white, even though they look great on me as far as shape goes, i may have to not ever smile when wearing them roflmao
I LOVE your posts! You're such a hoot!

I LOVE the Camelia sunnies, but tehy didn't look fab on me :sad:
If your teeth are pretty white, I think white sunnies are fine. They certainly don't need to glow in the dark, but I can see where you're coming from!
I have the MOP CC's and they're by far the most comfortable pair of sunnies I've ever owned. They drawback is they look like part of the 'uniform' in my suburb, every stay at home Mom around here has a pair. . . I don't like this, but what do you do? They're SO stinkin' comfy!

here's my pair in black, are these the ones you're referring to?


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I returned my Camellia sunnies because they are on the smaller side and I like bigger sunglasses. So whether you like really big or just large sunnies may factor into your decision. Also, I saw the white Camellias in the store and didn't think they were blindingly blue white, but rather a slightly warmer white, so having very white teeth may not be as much of an issue.

I just realized, I didn't give you my opinion! If the white sunnies are a great shape for you, then I think you should get them.
hi! thank you Swanky and Jayne..................yes Swanky those are the sunnies, but i have two black already so wanted them in tortoise.......i know what you mean about everyone in town having them....and one cannot take solace in the possibility that some are knockoffs because i don't think there are any knockoffs of these........and Jayne, i really do love the whites...i have not seen alot around here and they are perfect year-round for South Florida and you raise a point about them being a warmer white...........i am getting money cards from both Saks and NM for points earned so will put that towards a pair...for me right now $375 is too expensive,
re: the shape ... the white ones look amazing on me because i have a very narrow face, not unlike a human pinhead...............am not ugly but the face sometimes looks compressed

shall let you know wha i decide...and if the lost ones show up but if they don't, i have had them for about 7 years, and maybe its time for someone else to enjoy them if i did leave them somewhere and that person didnt bother to keep them for a few days to see if the owner would claim them.
Consolation: they are a bit scratched and may have some sneezing stuff on them that sunk into the plastic..........