Would love to see Charbon compared to Cafe & Chocolate. Anyone have all 3?

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  1. I sold my Cafe day a while back and have regretted it ever since. Would love to see how these 3 rich browns compare.
  2. I would like to see charbon near cafe. I tought cafe was the perfect brown but charbon looks really gorgeous!
  3. I think Charbon is sort of an ashey dark brown, if that makes sense. It doesn't have the redness of cinnamon/mogano from 2007. It is a bit lighter than both '05 chocolate and cafe, both of which seem to me (JMO) to be purer browns. I only saw a few bags with classic HW, so it probably isn't a final opinion.
  4. I'm also curious! I've never seen chocolate IRL but I've seen cafe at Barney's, so I know it's quite dark. I ordered a charbon work based on one of the descriptions that there is some grey tones to it - ashy?
  5. I'm thinking of buying a Charbon first as my first ever bbag. Any thoughts?!
  6. I saw the color today at Bal LA and it looks really nice! My SA described it as an antique brown...she said it would be really good on a WE...it sort of has that vintage-y kind of look.
  7. I think Charbon is a true dark brown, I don't see any ashyness (sp) to it. It is really pretty IRL.
  8. I agree it's pretty, I just see a little gray in it, others may not.
  9. I think it reminds me of mogano, it would be :drool: with SGH!
  10. ^^BUMP!

    I just got myself an 08 Charbon GGH City and was wondering if anyone has comparison shots with 05 Choco, 09 Charbon or 07 Cafe?
  11. I have both the ggh brief, ggh envelope and mu. They are all a rich dark brown. Mine have no gray in them. It seems that charbon varies a great deal.
  12. ^^ In which color? Can you post a pic please?
  13. I have a Charbon bag that's not ashy at all. It's pure dark brown, no undertones. I used to have a mogano item that had a red undertone to it = a really warm brown. And I have a '05 chocolate bag that is a true deep brown too. My charbon is more matte (as most 08 bags are) than the chocolate.

  14. ^^ would you say the 05 Choco is close to 08 Charbon?
  15. Any pics??
    I love to see the charbon color!