Would love to know your true opinions??

  1. I just want to get your opinions, -
    How is it that I could walk into Boston boutique and walk out 10 minutes later with a black lizard 25cm Birkin and my husband goes to the mothership in Paris THREE times and they tell him there is NO birkins in the back?????
    -He went after 2:00 each day?????(SA told me they get shipments in at 1:30)
    - They said that he could SO in Sept.:confused1::confused1::confused1:

    _ Was he dressed too casually(always has sneakers on, T-shirt, jeans)????:wtf:

    _ I cannot believe that they had none and I called and they told me the same thing??!!!

    I have been out of the groove for awhile, - they just didn't like him right???? -
    Anyhow, I am going to call SA in local shop here...so much easier. :rolleyes:...just SO MUCH MORE expensive....
    Please tell me what you really think, I am so curious to know if it is really true that they had none within 2 days of searching.
    WHAAAAAAAAAHAAAHAAAnh.....I can't believe they had NONE for the tourist.:shocked:...I think if I was there....I would have brought one home:confused1:
  2. Star honey, is that you!!!??
    How are you!?
    Have I misssed an update or post from you!?
  3. Star welcome back!!

    FSH had a birkin drought in june and early july. It might still be going on. I shop there regularly so they don't hide stuff from me, and they really didn't have any while I was there.
  4. Hello Star :flowers: Welcome back!

    TammyD was in Paris and her thread said the following. So it's not your DH, it's Birkin Drought

  5. Star...I was in Paris this month...5 days...no birkins...none... Well...one at H George V... But at FSH...nada...
  6. Hey Swanky! It's me, yes! I am pregnant and big...lost addiction for bags for awhile....but now it is back:wtf:....I really want another Birkin in 30cm...
    Wongnumber!!! they said something about season ending blahbiddyblah blah...new "parchment" color coming in...I hardly listened...just could not believe they had none...they then sent my DH to Hermes on George thefifth and Hermes in the Hilton...I can't believe it.. I thought they just didn;t like DH(even though he is SERIOUSLY charming and usually persuades anyone to give him what he wants)...they only had brown croc wuth diamonds and that is not happening. Maybe there was a drought:confused1:...Thanks for the info Wong:heart:
  7. Star honey......I don't think it was your darling DH....I just think it's a true drought right now........I'm sure your beloved is charming as all get-out (& pretty cute too) and wanting to SERIOUSLY get you a little something while you wait for that baby to be born.....
  8. oh my! Congrats girl!! :yahoo:
    We have a new Parenting/Pregnancy Forum now, you should stop by!

    When are you due?

    Big congrats! :biggrin:
  9. O.K, I guess it was true?
    Thanks Princessfrog, Socal:heart:
    They said Etoupe would be impossible at this time of year....I had atleast 10 colors on the list ....I was so excited to get one from Paris, ah....one day...
    Thanks ladies:heart::heart::heart:
  10. hi starr!!!!! miss you!!!!!!!!! i'm going to paris this fall for my annie, so i sure hope this drought will be over with by then!!!!
  11. Swanky, 5 more weeks! I read the entire thread on C-sections... ugh , I hope I can deliver naturally, my first was a C section, nobody has info on vaginal delivery AFTER having had a C-section...aaack, don't want to think about it...back to Birkin dream to take me away from reality of MAJOR new step...:p
  12. Star, somehow I think your DH got something in Paris but keeping it a secret until you give birth! (I mean, we all know your DH is THE KING of surprise gift giving!!!)
  13. Hi Peanut!!!!:heart:
    You are so lucky, that is when I think they said new bags would come in...there is a new color too! "parchment" light like sable or something!!!!:smile: I hopr you get one!!!!!!:yes:
  14. All I know is that when my time came, I SCREAMED for an epidural, got one and that was that. Go for the drugs is all I can say.....go for the drugs.
  15. YEAH the epidural is wonderful, that was the reason why I wanted my second one in the States...