Would love to hear thoughts on LP leather vs Coach Leather... ?

  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Leathers and linings can make me shudder if they don't have a great texture. And definitely ditto on seeing the bags coming and going. My area is mostly coach and VB. I like that my bags are different. FWIW, Belen Echandia matte leathers are pretty yummy as well.
  2. LP Shrunken Lamb leather is TDF, its top notch in my book ( perry and mel collections rock)
  3. LP leather is also my favorite. I feel the most Coach leather feels thin and cheap. I do like many of the styles of their bags though. I used to have a Coach legacy bag, high quality leather on that collection, similar to LP in that it has a vintage look.
  4. Is that what the leather is? Lamb? I have the Dylan line and I think the crossbody I have is the Perry. I have to double check. Either way. I now own moe LP than Coach.
  5. I am going to look at the legacy line again. Last time I saw it I was not impressed.