Would love to hear thoughts on LP leather vs Coach Leather... ?

  1. I have both and I totally adore LP leather and am so happy I finally decided to take the plunge. I know own more LP than Coach and sold off all my LV bags.. Once you go this gorgeous leather, can you ever go back?

    I would love to hear some thoughts on what you guy all think of LP leather vs Coach or any other leather bags out there?

    What of LP makes it rock so much?
  2. My next purchase will be a LP bag but can't decide which one! Which ones do you have?
  3. No contest if you really LOVE soft smooshy yummy rich leather...I am a true LP girl!!:loveeyes::heart:
  4. LP has the best leathers hands down! I adore my LP bags!
  5. LP trumps Coach. OLD Coach, original coach, that would be a draw, but current Coach leather, IMO is kind of crappy and "coated", and I don't care for it.
  6. Definitely LV in quality and style... I am drooling over LV leather right now.. Some of the LV leather bags can hold its own next to Chanel and Hermes.
  7. I am a total, smooshy, soft, casual leather person. So I would buy nothing but LP based just on that. Unfortunately for me, I have hardware color issues and really only like silver and gunmetal. Soooo, I either have to settle for other leathers; be super patient for the gunmetal/silver hw'd bags to come up; or cringe everytime I pull out a bag that I love except for the hw!:p Oh, and I'm not big on logo's /logo print bags, so that eliminates alot of coach right now.
  8. LV? This is about Linea Pelle (LP). But LP can trump both Chanel and Hermes IMO.

    Last fall was gunmetal HW. Hopefully theybring that back.
  9. LP leather is the nicest and softest in my opinion. I used to like Coach, way back when they made quality pieces. I think they've gone in a wrong direction, I don't care for any of their logo bags and I've been hearing a lot of folks having quality issues.
    I own many LP bags now, and have never had a quality issue.

    Plus, I like that fact that I can carry my LP and don't see the bag coming and going everywhere I go. Coach is very popular here and it's all you see. I like carrying something unique. :smile:
  10. What she said!
  11. I have the large chevron Dylan in crimson, with matching zippy wallet,the stud clutch in bone, and the quilted flap in black, plus a few cuffs. I love my LP!!
  12. I love their gunmetal when you find it on LP. :smile:. It seems rare. I think gold is the typical. Right?
  13. I have one coach leather and just sold a vintage reconditioned station bag. Coach leather was awesome. Their newer leather ( I own one bag) seems very light. I am not a fan of the logo bags. I am tired of the coach C. but I know a lot of people who like them so I share their joy when they buy one. If I choose Coach I generally prefer the Madison line. But since buying LP I am totally hooked!! I just love leather. I am def a leather girl. I am lusting after the sand color and I think a black would be nice too.
  14. Love LP. It's hard to settle for anything else! When I see a bag who's appearance I like, I touch it and usually leave it because it just doesn't measure up to LP.
  15. LP leather is the best...thick, chewy, soft and smooshy - plus wonderfully durable. Of the bags I own, the leather on my DMT is my favorite.

    The only leather to come close is on my Reed Krakoff Gym Bag - his leathers are pretty awesome, too. But, if asked which brand has the nicest leather, my answer would hands down be Linea Pelle.

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