Would love some thoughts from you all..

  1. I know some of you all have TONS of bags...I was going to become this big collector of Louis Vuitton...it was my passion for amost 3 years...I used to always have a few but I was not hell bent on buying as many as I could like I have been lately..I have so many that just sit in my closet and I KNOW I will not carry them anymore so I have started to sell the ones I know I will not use anymore...now Im getting nervous!!! I know I will buy more but honestly, when the leather turns I lose interest so Im doing the right thing right??? What do you all do when you are done with a bag?
  2. u can always sell them to ppl like me for a much lower price.. hehe, but kidding aside, if u r not gonna use them anymore, might as well sell them n get some money, in case u want to buy something else..
  3. I think you are doing the right thing, I mean if you are not going to use them yeah sell them, and yo can buy other bags that really interests you. Or you can always give them away to me.....:love:
  4. I sell it and not give it a second thought. I do this for all things worth some $, not just bags.
  5. Sell it or kept it to pass on to (future?) daughters. That's what I would do.
  6. I have over 100 bags...accumulating dust..I grow tired after ONE month with a bag!!!...Here at the PF is the oNLY place I would sell...Cuz I like to think they get a loving home!!!! then I use the money to buy something new..I bought an Edith and a green Baggy Gm..worth all the bags I have given away to loving homes too..They would have just sit in my closet anyway!!!!!
  7. sell sell sell! there are plenty of girls out there (like me, for instance) that like LV only AFTER the leather turns, so really you're doing us a huge favor, lol.
  8. If You Are Not Happy Wearing The Bags After The Patina Turns (It's Just Not your Thing!)....Then Selling Is Definitely A Great Idea!
  9. I offer to pick them up!!! (I'm only 1 hour away by plane and BA has tons of flight per day between UK & NL :nuts: )

    Jokes aside (well, not really a joke) it's not a bad idea to sell your bags and buy new ones... I mean, if you don't use them anymore, why not "cash" them and buy something new that you'll enjoy, at least for a while?? ;)
  10. I thought about saving them for the daughter I do not have but then the handles would be even darker by then!!! lol, I think I like the idea of just carrying what I like and then selling it and getting a new one...keeping the ones ones I do not carry much that always look new. (I just needed some comfort...I change my mind so much its nice to hear positive statements) thanks ladies!
  11. I usually give my bags to friends or donate them to the Salvation Army. After joining the PF I started turning them into cash instead.
    It makes more sense to recycle for cash :biggrin: .
  12. I've never sold a bag. However, I have given away many bags over the years to family and friends. If you know you truly are not going to use a bag anymore why not sell it or give it to someone that would enjoy using it?
  13. I would sell, if they're not getting used. If you wait too long, the depreciation in value will grow, plus you could have more money in the bank to buy something new !
  14. You should sell. I always hold on to EVERYTHING, not just bags. I'm sentimental to a fault about my possessions. So now I have a house full of stuff I never use -- clothes, shoes, books, even old toys -- and there isn't enough room for everything. If you can sell it now, before it gets old or out of date, then you'll get some money and have a more organized home:smile:
  15. So far I keep everything, just like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter. I don't know if I could part with my bags. I just love them.