would love some opinions!

  1. I like the Nylon Hobo and D&B
  2. I like the Nylon Hobo most out of 3 choices. Sorry not a fan of D&B. Rather bias as I never bought any brands I never think to buy (lol).
  3. Well, just from my own personal opinion, I don't like hobos in general, so I don't care for the Prada hobo at all. I like bags with pockets, so I quite like the Prada nylon pocket tote. Plus it'll be super easy to care for and much more rugged and you won't feel bad for throwing it around. It seems like a great all-purpose practical bag. But, for the money, the Dooney is quite nice (even though it's kinda hobo-esque) and it's all leather, so it seems like you'd get more luxury for less $$$. I guess it depends on what you want it for and how often you'd carry it? Just my opinions! I'm kinda new, so they probably don't mean too much! :shame:
  4. I like the Prada Pocket tote! The Dooney is nice but I have a thing against Dooneys...
  5. For me I'd probably go for the Dooney but I like tan leather bags!!! Out of the Prada's I much prefer the pocket tote.
  6. there's just something about the Prada!! i'd go for the pocket tote, easy to clean, and sharp!
  7. My preference would be Dooney and Bourke, but I would go for a smaller option.
  8. I like the Prada pocket tote.
  9. I like the Prada pocket tote. Not a fan of Dooney.
  10. Depends on what you want to use it for. Three fairly different looks.
  11. I wouldn't spend more than £100 on nylon I'm afraid :/
  12. I like the second Prada-although it doesnt have a lot of personality for the price. I have seen the Dooney IRL and they are beautiful bags-they come in two sizes-the large is quite big.
  13. Yes, like a couple of other members say, it really depends on your purpose for the bag. Just based on looks, I'd go for the Prada hobo or the DB.
  14. I like the Dooney.