would love some opinions... : ) thanks!

  1. I don't own any furla bags, but one of my co-workers loves them. I have only heard good things about the brand. I think the bag is cute. I like that it has two straps and two inner pockets.
  2. I've heard great things about Furla, although this particular style doesn't appeal to me.
  3. Looks classy although am not a fan of furla :smile:
  4. i think it looks cute, for some reason it reminds me of miu miu
  5. well- if you like it simple then go for it. it is simple but elegant!
  6. Im just not a fan of this bag. sorry.
  7. I really like it- love the braided top handle, and hear great things about Furla...it's also nice that you won't see this bag coming & going :smile:
  8. The bag itself is kind of cute, but I would never purchase Furla at this price... I always see a bunch of Furla bags at Nordstrom Racks, usually more than half off...
  9. Looks nice but I wouldn't pay full price for it
  10. It seems like a practical bag. It looks soft and comfortable to carry around with, but it's not my kinda bag. it's alright. But if you like it, go for it. My aunt uses Furla, the quality is above average.
  11. I think the design is quite elegant, though it is not my style. Seems pricey.
  12. I think Furla generally are one of the most underrated brands, but this is not one of their designs that makes me go 'wow'. . . but not all bags need to go 'wow' do they? In fact, there's a whole load of places that it is probably better to have a 'non-wow' bag!
  13. IMO it's conservative, but I like the details (braided handle, etc) and the practicality (second strap). I agree with pl888, $550 is a lot for a Furla.
  14. I really like it! I've seen it IRL and it's pretty and the leather is very soft. But I have other bags to buy so can't get it myself.