Would love some help deciding for the bar mitzvah

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  1. My son's bar mitzvah is in June and I have my outfit, long puffy black satinish skirt and white bustier and jacket in raw silk. It looks pretty and elegant. Not very mother of the affair type outfit. I need to decide on shoes to wear with it. I have a pair of NP, sabotage and rolandos (which I may sell, cos I still find them difficult to walk in, but they are stunning!) The NP's are definitely comfortable, so I would like to get a pair of NP's or VP's. The black patent VP's I ordered from BG won't be in till end of July. I am considering some of these
    the black patent sparkle NP's (available at NM)

    the silver glitter NP's (the Opray shoes if they come up somewhere)


    Very Noeud Knotted Satin Pump also at NM.

    Is the heel very high oh this. On NAP it said it was 140 which I think is higher than NP?

    Can you guys think of something else that will work well that I should consider in the NP or VP style? Is the heel on both styles the same height? Are the VP's as comfortable as the NP's.

    The only real criteria is that they be a VP or NP and not be too "crazy" because I am a fairly "conservative person" and I want to be able to wear them with jeans or other outfits after the affair.

    TIA for all you help and ideas.
  2. hmmm i don't know the answer about the heel heights but either one of those is stunning. i love the glitter because it's fun but still subtle and you could totally dress it down with jeans or more casual nights. i love the second one too but would consider that a dressier shoe and would probably only wear it for special occasions. your outfit sounds beautiful though!!!
  3. I like the last one. It looks like it will work best with your outfit. The black glitter NP would work well too.
  4. i would say the glitter NP (black), they are conservative enough to be bar mitzavah appropriate (Mazel Tov by the way!!!!) but the sparkles make them fun and less 'serious' and could be paired with any outfit in the future because they're black...but fun because of sparkles.

    i am just repeating myself here!
  5. How exciting! Mazel Tov.
    I would say you can't go wrong with the black patent glitter NP's. The sparkle and the patent add some punch to the "basic black". They would be great later with jeans or even to add some punch to a white shirt and black pencil skirt.
  6. My vote would be for the black glitter VPs.
    I have the black glitter in Simples and I love the versatility of this shoe from day to night, and from casual to formal.
  7. oops i forgot to include a pic of the silver glitter I was talking about. I borrowed pic from oo_let_me_see. If I can find them, I was considering the silver version. Do you think it would be too much glitz with the outfit?

  8. Whilst I think the 2nd shoe would look fantastic with your outfit I think the first pair would be better because they would be much easier to wear with a plethora of different outfits afterwards. I think the silver glitter ones will be too much with such an elegant outfit

    Love the sound of your outfit though
  9. this is true. This is the voice of sanity.

    But those glitter are so gorgeous, just waiting for an excuse to buy them. And I love the black with the satin bow, how perfect those would be. But I do agree with exactly what you said mooks, that is what I was thinking. And since it will be under a floor length skirt, practicality might be the way to go.

    Any other ideas for a shoe that I should consider. I am new here so not up on all the different possibilities, and I am not adverse to stalking ebay for what I want. What about there was a pair of NP greasepaint that wantmore had I think. Will have to look for pictures. I remember them being gorgeous on her.:yes:
  10. Glitter VP's!!!!
  11. lor- While the glitter NPs would be fantastic w/ your outfit to the bar mitzvah, I wonder if frequent jean/casual wear after the event would have the glitter falling off, losing its glam? I don't own the glitter NP, but I've tried them on & seen them at Barney's before; just sitting on the stand (also with people picking them up and putting them back down) there's fallen glitter all around the shoe stand.
    I vote for the glitter greasepaint NPs in black. They'll be sparkly enough to spice up your outfit and still be fabulous w/ other casual outfits.
  12. very good point, I hadn't thought of!
    Can someone tell me, is the sparkle in the first picture also referred to as greasepaint, or glitter? I am getting confused.
  13. BTW... Mazel Tov! I am so excited for my kid's to be Bat/Bar Mitzvah'ed.. I think I am more excited for DD b/c I can't wait to buy her a dress and shoes (I cannot wait for her to love shoes and bags!)....

    I replied that I think the satin would work best with your outfit. I still agree with that. The black patent glitter would be the most versatile though. The black satin are a great dress shoe and you could wear them to a lot of events (I'm sure you're going to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs a lot).. JMO!
  14. :shame: i still have my bat mitzvah dress in my closet in los angeles
  15. i went to a bat mitzvah this weekend and no one was really dressed up. i was totally overdressed! so sad! i wanted fancy and appetizers! lol.