Would love opinions on the mono musette tango...

  1. Do you have one? What do you like/ dislike about this bag? I am looking for a shoulderbag that can fit the essentials, larger than the pochette, and thought this might be a good option.
  2. I love this bag. I fell in love with it when I saw the alcantara inside...so pretty. It is very comfortable on the shoulder and falls at a nice place under my arm. It is slim yet holds quite a bit including wallet, cell, camera, and make up. It looks good with casual clothing and dressy as well. It is one of the first bags that I actually purchased for myself. I think you'd like it.
  3. I love this bag. Do you want the one with short or long strap?
  4. Thanks Rileygirl - I have been looking at a few on eBay and let-trade, and trying to decide on the size of it - does it have room for a cell phone, small camera, wallet, key holder with large car key, small agenda and makeup?

  5. I dont know - i can't decide, it think each strap length has it's advantages...
  6. True. If you are a shoulder bag person get te short and if you are a cross the body(like me) get the long. The long is almost messenger bag like.
    :confused1: I pretty sure lv can change out the straps also.:confused1:
  7. ^^^oh good to know that the straps could be changed out. I have a Gucci Abbey messenger which is cross body (which I actually don't like), so maybe I should get the short strap Tango.
  8. It's pretty cute...one of my friends has one and she loves it to death.
  9. Cute but very thin.
  10. any pics?
  11. I think I will get one - Valentines day is coming - If I can get hubby to get it for me, then I'm not breaking my purse ban, right?
  12. I saw the one on Let Trade and it was a great price. I've never tried to put my agenda in it but I am almost positive it won't fit with all that other stuff in it. I'll try to take some pix and post. Won't be till later though.
  13. Yeah and isn't the patina on that one gorgeous? Would love to see pics of what you can fit in yours!
  14. Aww... the Musette Tango is so cute!

    Pic of Musette Tango for bvbirdy:

  15. This was one of my very first LVs and I love it! I have the short strap and it fits very nicely on the shoulder.

    I can fit a small cosmetics bag, wallet, cell and key case inside.